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Jimmy Carr- Roast Master for the Roast of Kenny Kunene

Comedy Central revealed two weeks ago that Kenny Kunene has replaced unfunny man, Leon Schuster as the roastee for Comedy Central's Roast Of... special. 

Now they've revealed that British funnyman, Jimmy Carr, will be Roast Master at the April 3 event (to be aired April 28). What a great choice, even if we feel like they could have easily got a local comedian or radio shock jock to be the Roast master. But maybe they realised that after the Roast of Steve Hofmyer shenanigans in 2012, maybe a local Roast master is not ideal. Jimmy Carr will be on his South African tour from March 29, so this is a big coup for Comedy Central. 

In our previous article about this, we suggest that Tumi Morake be the Roast Mistress. Here's the list of people we'd love to see as Roasters:

  • Eda Rose: Social climber and celebrity hanger on. And ex-girlfriend.
  • Gayton MacKenzie: His best friend and confidante and also his politics mate. 
  • Anele Mdoda: She tells it like it is. She aint scurred of nobody! 
  • Khanyi Mbau: Did they date or not? Plus she also needs to be roasted
  • Loyiso Gola: Comedian who doesn't like nonsense. 
  • David Kibuka: Funny man who also doesn't like nonsense. Tag team effort would be so cool.
  • Gareth Cliff: He's rude, obnoxious. Why not let him Roast Kenny and then he must also be roasted? 
  • Julius Malema: Former friend and politics buddy. Kenny dumped Malema's EFF and starting his own party. Betrayal always makes for interesting viewing! 

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