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Meet the cast of e.TV's Traffic!

e.TV has a new TV drama, Traffic! which stars Bonnie Mbuli and Bongo Mbutuma as Lungi and Songezo. The detective series is set in Cape Town and will see Lungi and Songezo try to track down a murderer, while Lungi has to protect her child and also deal with the rising romantic feelings between them. 

The show started on Wednesday on e.TV and eKasi+ at 9.30pm 

Meet the Cast

Songezo and Lungi

Bonnie Mbuli- Lungi Mlaba

28-year-old Detective Seargent Lungi is investigating two allegedly unrelated deaths of two very different young women. She is gorgeous, athletic, with amazing energy and a passion for her work. An expert in martial arts, Lungi is able to defend herself against any opponent.
Kyokoshin (which is what she practices) focuses on physical and mental health, emotional and spiritual well-being, synthesis of philosophy, and self-defense training. Integrity is of paramount importance to Lungi, although, as we shall see, she is not always averse to bending the rules when she feels it will serve the greater good. But when it comes to big moral issues, her integrity cannot be questioned.

Bongo Mbutuma- Songezo Sibanda

Detective Seargent Songezo is a well-built man, rugged man who exudes a strong presence. He’s humble and strong. He appears to have an iron will and has a compassion and tenderness which Lungi responds to. Beneath Songezo’s steely exterior, he’s a big softie.  While he appears at times to be chauvinistic, when the chips are down, we realise that he holds Lungi in high esteem. In fact, as the story progresses, we realise that there is more than ‘esteem’ at play. He is humorous, which Lungi finds most appealing, as he balances out her often serious demeanour.

Kagiso Rakosa- Andiswa Mlaba

Andiswa would have been a beauty if she had not chosen a path of self-destruction. She is a tall, slim young woman who deteriorates after becoming addicted to drugs. (In her disguise we should be able to mistake her for a male). When we meet her she is on her way to becoming wasted tik addict. She is completely under the control of her ‘supplier’ – Lungelwa’s ex-boyfriend, S’bu. She is at pains to hide her addiction from her family, but Lungi smells a rat. Andiswa’s addiction gives her a hard edge, a desperation which makes her act out of character – she was once a loving sister and good daughter.Shortly before our story begins, Andiswa has enrolled in Secretarial College and is doing well. But she starts to hang with the wrong crowd and succumbs to doing drugs.
Mbulelo Grootboom- Sbu Maloyi

At first glance S’bu is handsome, charming and debonair. But when you take a deeper look, he is a dangerous man, with a violent temper. He is ruthless and obsessive and has few redeeming qualities. When Lungi met S’bu as a young student in her final year at police college, she was swept off her feet by the older, seemingly sophisticated businessman. She fell head over heels in love with him and within a month they were living together.
Mia, Johny and Isabel
Trudy van Rooy- Mia Joseph

Mia is a skilled dancer who is adored by all who know her. She is a beautiful, young innocent on the brink of adulthood. Although Mia’s short life ends soon after we meet her, we become intimately acquainted with her through Lungi’s investigation.
Her parents, the local dry cleaners, dote on their only child and work long hours to put her through college: She is a contemporary dance student at Table Bay Theatre school, and a volunteer at her local church helping out in the soup kitchen but also running their dance classes.We establish in the first episode that Mia’s career choice is a bone of contention between her father and mother.
Zen and Thulani
Sikelewa Vuyeleni- Zen

Zen is a 14-year-old  girl who lives on the streets to avoid her mother’s attempts at prostituting her. Originally from De Doorns, Zintle “Zen” Langeni is the product of an impoverished community just outside Cape Town where drugs and alcohol help to numb the desperate conditions of poverty. Her father believed that Zen was old enough to ‘earn her keep’ and wanted to put her to work as a prostitute, selling her virginity to the highest bidder but Zen managed to escape and ran away from home.
Dini and Jacques
Lemogang Tsipa- Dini

Dini is the epitome of the “Now Generation.” He is ripped, charming, wealthy, intelligent and a successful entrepreneur at the age of 25. Dini comes from a wealthy Cape Town family and has completed a degree in marketing at UCT. His parents have since moved to Canada where they work at the South African Consulate. Although his parents gave him a leg up financially to start the club, Dini’s brilliant entrepreneurial skills seem to ensure that his club will be a cash cow. Young trendoids are flocking in and Dini has already been interviewed on television and appeared in magazines as one of the most eligible bachelors in South Africa.
Generous to a fault, both materially and in spirit, Dini just wants to have fun and he wants to share the fun with everyone. Girls fall at Dini’s feet, but he only has eyes for Mia. Dini’s flaw is jealousy. He doesn’t like Mia to get too close to his male friends, in particular his partner, Jacques. Apart from the green-eyed monster rearing its ugly head now and then, Dini is on a total high at the start of our series. The world is his oyster.

Bjorn Steinbach- Jacques Du Plessis

Jacques is a cool young dude, trying to escape his conservative Afrikaans background. Rebelling against his ‘verkrampt’ parents who live in a modest home in Devil’s Peak, he now sports tattoos and face metal, to their horror. But when the chips are down, Jacques realises that his family will be there to support him no matter what. Jacques is the workhorse of the partnership in the club. Although he and Dini are great friends and share the same ambitions for their business, we become aware of a deep-seated resentment which Jacques keeps hidden from Dini. Jacques lives in Dini’s shadow. While Jacques is almost as good-looking, almost as cool, he is not quite as confident or charming or rich… and he has had a hard life. Jacques has a gambling addiction which he struggles with and Mia, his best friend and business partners’ girlfriend helps him to deal with it. But Dini’s jealous streak soon puts their friendship to the test.

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