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Mamphela Ramphele and Helen Zille AP Photo/ Nardus Engelbrecht 

Ramphele Joins DA
Mamphela Ramphele has been announced as the DA’s presidential candidate. Critics are calling it political opportunism; she says it’s a move inspired in part, by Nelson Mandela’s death. But will she succeed in winning over sceptical voters and many supporters who already feel betrayed by this move? Carte Blanche asks Mamphela Ramphele the tough questions.
Producer: Nicky Troll
Presenter: Bongani Bingwa
Journalist: Chwayitisa Futshane

Cape Parrots
In the Hogsback Mountains of the Eastern Cape, there’s a man on a mission to save a bird and a tree. There are fewer than a thousand Cape Parrots left in the wild and they thrive on the sought-after indigenous Yellowwood. Carte Blanche visits Dr Steve Boyes’ parrot project.
Producer: Angus Begg
Presenter: Neo Motaung

Zama Zamas
More than a hundred years ago, gold mining was a source of wealth for many. Now, poverty surrounds abandoned shafts and illegal miners try to eke out a living from what they find beneath the surface. It’s profitable for the middle-men and dangerous for the new pioneers, who dream about striking it rich. And it has given rise to an underground mafia. Carte Blanche brings you exclusive footage of the second gold rush.
Producer: Bernadette Maguire
Presenter: Devi Sankaree Govender

Power Foot
When Ollie Olivier lost his foot in a landmine explosion in Iraq, life as he knew it came to an abrupt halt, followed by years of agony and trauma. But now, Ollie has become the first African recipient of a computerised prosthetic limb so advanced that it mimics human movement. Carte Blanche follows his journey back to full mobility.
Producers: Amalia Christoforou and Wynand Grobler
Presenter: Derek Watts

On M-Net & M-Net HD [101], Sunday 2 February 2014, at 19:00

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