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Piers Morgan Tonight canned by CNN- Twitter's Reacts

So early Monday morning, the news broke that CNN's Jeff Zucker has cancelled Piers Morgan's news show, Piers Morgan Tonight. The show, which has been on air since 2011, has been ailing since the beginning and it's surprising that it wasn't cancelled sooner. Last month the ratings reached an abysmal 50 000 viewers in the all important 18-45 years demographic. 50 000 viewers. Let that sink in. Or like Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson, laugh about it 

Poor Piers. Now he's acting like nothing is wrong in his tweets, but sadly we can tell he's not too happy about this.
What his 'enemies' Sir Alan Sugar and Jeremy Clarkson tweeted about the news
And here are some of the reaction tweets to the show being cancelled from the general public

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