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Wendy Williams to The View: "Bring Back Rosie"

And we agree with her! Talk show host, Wendy Williams of The Wendy Williams Show (BET, weeknights at 10pm) said on her show yesterday that ABC's The View needs to bring back former co-host, Rosie O'Donell.

"The View needs to shake things up if they want to keep going strong," she said on the show. Williams also said that O'Donnell's guest appearance on the show in early February has made her wonder why she has not returned for good on the show, suggesting that she would be a great replacement for Barbara Walters who leaves the show in May. 

"They have to do something," she said. "Barbara Walters is leaving. Whoopi has said before that she's just there for the paycheck, so Whoopi doesn't care about sitting in the Barbara position -- too many responsibilities!"

It's about time someone said it. The View lost it's bite a long time ago and by hiring Jenny McCarthy, it's just, well, worse. It's still better than The Talk but that's not much of a compliment. Sherri Shepard is just really boring and adds nothing to the panel. We miss Joy Behar. We miss Elisabeth Hasselbeck. 

We suggest that they hire Rosie back, fire Sherri (lets keep Jenny for now) and then get an outspoken lady, like Melissa Harris Perry from MSNBC to replace Sherri. Now we'd want to watch that. 

Melissa Harris Perry
Rosie O' Donell

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