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What to expect on Survivor SA: Champions Tonight

***Press Release***

After two consecutive visits to tribal council, Corne Krige's Selatan is determined not to end up losing another tribe member. Shona, who's slowly showing that she's maybe not as weak as her team mates expected, bluntly stated that "it would be rather embarassing." Will they march to tribal council again, after saying goodbye to Ashley and Iron Man veteran Marsha, who might have been an asset at the difficult challenges that have been neck-and-neck battles up to now? Or will Mark Fish's Utara find out how trying Tribal can be?  

The living conditions on both Selatan and Utara are becoming more difficult – especially sleeping on the hard, cold sand. That will change for the tribe who wins this week's reward. The show's headline sponsor, Outsurance, has sent a special box to the island with pillows, a mosquito net, hammock, ground cover and a pair of swinging chairs! Apart from all the action at the intense challenges, the adrenaline is also pumping at Utara where Mark has his hands full with his tribe mates. 

"If you've been of the opinion that this season is the best one to date, the good news is that the show is just getting better and better," says M-Net's Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard. It's becoming clear that the two captains are handling the stress of the island in completely different ways. But maybe it's because their tribe members are so different too. It would be great to know what viewers are thinking."
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Survivor South Africa: Champions is broadcast on M-Net on Sundays at 17:30. For DStv Compact viewers, there's a repeat on Saturdays on M-Net Series Zone at 13:00.

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