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8th SAFTA TV Nominees- The Good, Odd, Snubs and Hopes

Buhle Mbonambi analyses the nominees for this year’s Film and Television Awards

Every year I have an issue with the nominees for the Safta’s and it’s mostly because I don’t understand how some people are nominated and others aren’t. The same thing happened this year and I can’t help but shake my head at some of these nominees. I have grouped the nominees into the good, the odd, the snubs and the hopes.

The Good
Isibaya was nominated 11 times, which is great for a show that’s a year old. Not only is it one of the best shows to come out of South Africa in years, it lured the excellent theatre actor, Bheki Mkhwane, to TV. The story is original, the acting is mostly great and the casting directors have unearthed some great new talent. The show dominated in the acting categories, receiving five nominations in the Best Actor and Actress in a Soapie categories. 
Also worth noting is the nomination of High Rollers’ Anthony Coleman (Best Actor Drama), Intersexions’ Tina Jaxa (Best Actress), Rockville's Thembsie Matu, the writing team for High Rollers and Rockville and also e.tv’s Late Night News for Best Comedy Show. It would have been a travesty if any of these people (and shows) I listed had been snubbed. 

The Odd
Why are there no supporting acting nominees for the Soapie and Comedy categories? The supporting category is important, as it’s mostly the supporting actors who make any TV show a success, more than the lead who carries the show. Tsholo Monedi, from Skwizas, is nominated for a Best Actress in a Comedy award, yet she was a supporting actress. When you weigh her performance to that of Lillian Dube, the lead, she will lose the award to her. 
Also, how was Room 9 nominated for a Best Drama and High Rollers and Rockville weren’t? 
Another thing to note is that the Saftas cancelled the Best Made for TV movie category, yet have a Best Writer, and Best Writer for a Made for TV Movie. Now, how do you nominate the writer and director, but not the film? How were they worthy of a nomination, but their film was not? 
But the biggest bone of contention I have with the Saftas is why are there only three nominees in most categories? Surely adding two more people, who gave great performances (and there are many who did) shouldn’t be a problem. 

The Snubs
The biggest snub is Isibaya’s  Bheki Mkhwane. How is it possible for the Safta’s judging panel to not nominate Mkhwane, who’s role as the villainous Samson Ndlovu is the best part of Isibaya? How is it possible that one of the best actors we’ve seen on our screens the past year isn’t good enough to be nominated? While I’m not taking anything from Sdumo Mtshali, who is also nominated for Best Actor in a Soapie, Mkhwane’s performance was, to be frank, better than his. Mtshali is a supporting actor and again the Saftas, by omitting a supporting actor category, has made it difficult for deserving people to get their dues. 
How do you snub Brumilda van Rensburg for her performance on High Rollers? How do you snub Jo da Silva for her always amazing performance on 7de Laan? She’s the reason I (and I’m certain, many more people) tune into the SABC 2 soap. 
Nambitha Mpumlwana’s exit storyline on Generations gave us some of her best work, yet she got snubbed. 

The Hopes
The recent Royalty Soapie Awards showed us that the right hosts always make sure that an awards ceremony is a success. This year we can only hope the awards are hosted by capable people. I always mention Anele Mdoda and that’s because she can do it. Get her and Rob van Vuuren to host the awards. They’ve worked well before on two seasons of SA’s Got Talent, plus they are both comedians, are witty and, given a great writing team to work on the content of the show, will be great as hosts. 
Also, can the performers be people who aren’t over-exposed (looking at you Mafikizolo)? Can talented musicians like Muzart, Kabomo and The Arrows be the performers on the night? That would really make the show better. I’d want to watch it. 
I guess we have to wait for April 5 to see how they impress (or don’t impress) us. 

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