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Fox cancels Raising Hope. Martha Plimpton thanks fans of the show

Fox announced yesterday that the current season of the comedy, Raising Hope, is the final season. Many fans were disappointed, as expected. Four seasons later, people still liked the show. 

Martha Plimpton, who stars as Virginia on the show, tweeted a long letter to fans of the show, thanking them for tuning in for four years.


11th March 2014 from TwitLonger

Wow. Coming home to all the incredibly heartfelt and generous tweets saying good bye to @RaisingHopeFox is kinda making me tear up a bit. So I wanted to tweet a longer reply, to "twitlonger," if you will, to all our loyal and loving fans out there who gave us so much support and made our show the success it was, to say thank you. 

While there's definitely a very real sadness about saying good bye, the overwhelming feeling I have is gratitude. It's important you each know how much your watching meant to us. Good people got to work, and a great crew got to stick together for 4 wonderful years because of you, and because of great writers, smart, kind and dedicated people at the helm, and a supportive network and studio that helped us do something we loved doing every single day. Knowing you have a steady job that you love, where you actually look forward to going each morning, is one of the most rewarding, important things a human being can experience. Actors are no different than anyone in that regard, and plenty of others. We just want to do our best, for as long as we can, take pride in our work, and make a place for ourselves and our families and co-workers that provides some modicum of security and as much joy as possible. I want to thank everyone who made it possible for a few of us to say we had that for a good period of time, and it was damned great. From our fans, to Fox and 20th, to our brilliant writers and directors, our insanely dedicated crew, our hilarious and genius cast and guest actors, every single one of them made this one of the greatest jobs I'll ever have in my life. 

I don't have words for how grateful I am to Greg Garcia for creating this insane family of characters in this parallel world of Natesville. And for creating the character of Virginia Chance and letting me play her. I've never played anyone for as long as I have her. It's going to be very strange not having that anymore. But honestly, I'm just glad it's out there. The thought that I may be lazily changing channels one day and see these characters pop up on my TV again, well, that makes me exceedingly happy. 

Also, there's not a better actor or fellow or fake hubby out there than Garret Dillahunt, incidentally. He wins all the prizes. That's all I can say about that. That's just too much to even deal with. 

Four years on TV nowadays is a huge accomplishment. Everything is finite, and TV is a very competitive and crazy, unpredictable business. Actors are used to it - the never REALLY knowing if you're going to be employed from one year to the next. It's part of our job, that uncertainty. We're used to things ending. Happens all the time. It's what we do. We form tight bonds with strangers quickly because we work in close proximity, for insane hours, and very, very few of us has any real job security for very long. That's just part of the deal. No one's complaining. It's just how it goes. We're lucky if it lasts four weeks, let alone four gorgeous years. Very lucky. So, we'll all go on to try and bring some of the joy and dedication and pride in the work from where we just were to wherever we're headed. Hopefully it stays part of our DNA in some way, and we'll get better at being decent actors/writers/crew members. But, more important than that, decent people. Fuck it if it's not fun. And we had a LOT of fun. 

Thank you all for being part of the joy, and the fun, and the family of Raising Hope. It was the experience of a lifetime. Here we go....!

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