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Glee 100: What went Down

Glee celebrated it's 100th episode this week. The original cast and those special guest stars, featured on the episode, meaning it was choc-a-bloc! Even Diana Agron, who's apparently not in good standing with the show's creator, Ryan Murphy, featured in this episode in her old Cheerios uniform with Naya Rivera and Heather Morris. 

Many critics are saying it was the old Glee, remember that Glee of the first two seasons that we love? Yes. That one. Oh boy we miss it so much. Remember when they belted out Don't Stop Believin' by Journey in the first episode? And the cheerleaders taking on Diana Ross' Say a Lil Prayer'? Or when they performed Crazy In Love, Proud Mary and Umbrella? Who can forget Lea Michelle as Rachel Berry's rendition of Barbara Streisand's Don't Rain on my Parade? 

Glee has given us some great moments over the past years and it's sad how far it's fallen. With a season and a half left, may the sixth season give Ryan and his writing team some new fire to write a great season and end the show as strongly as it started. And without a song. 

Here are some pictures of the what to expect on the 100th episode when it airs on 4 April 2014 on M-Net Series Showcase

Also here are some teaser performances 

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