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Has Revenge lost the plot?

The 2011/2012 season was one of the best in recent memory. One of the shows to come out of that year was ABC's Revenge- a Count of Monte Cristo premised drama/soapy starring Emily van Camp and created by Mike Kelley. 

Revenge was all that we wanted from a drama. It was dramatic, had shock moments and we rooted for the protagonist, Emily Thorn aka Amanda Clarke. We loved it as she brought down her enemies, the people who had betrayed her father, one by one. From the public embarrassment of Lydia by Queen Victoria Grayson, which meant she was banished from the Hamptons, to bringing down hedge fund king, Bill Harmon and Dr. Michelle Banks, who subjected her to juvenile detention. The red sharpie and the elimination of almost all the people who did her wrong, plus winning over the Grayson's son, Daniel was the course of the first season. With the help of her friend and the only person who knows her true identity, Nolan Ross, Emily was the new queen of the Hamptons and she was exacting revenge on people who deserved it. But the end of season one revealed that it wasn't the Grayson's that were responsible, but the Initiative. And then the most shocking of all, Victoria and Lydia died. And Charlotte tried to commit suicide. 

I now wish season 2 never happened. Season 2 ruined everything about Revenge. It became a ridiculous show, with even more ridiculous story lines  It turns out Emily's mother was alive and married to the man who tried to kill her during season one. Victoria wasn't dead and it turns out the Initiative was actually in the control of Conrad Grayson and all the 'fear' it brought them, was all fake. Then they killed 'Amanda Thorne', which was a mistake. They brought a new love interest for Emily, Aiden, which then messed everything up for her, Jack and Daniel. And Ashley? Well they never knew exactly what to do with her, eventually writing her out. They also wrote out Declan Porter. Now Charlotte Grayson didn't have someone who understood her. Jack lost a wife and a brother in one season. Nolan fell in love with the wrong person, who was 'controlled' by the Initiative and landed him in jail. Then Takeda was killed and everything became even more of a mess. It's so surprise that Mike Kelley decided to leave the show after the second season.

Season three started out well. Emily's revengenda was back in full force, targeting people who betrayed her father. The red sharpie was back! But then it started unraveling again. The Grayson's didn't trust her, even though she was finally getting married to their son.  She had to stay at least three steps ahead every time and then she also now had to deal with Victoria's long lost son, Patrick. Patrick is dating Nolan and it's a messy situation for both Victoria and Emily. Then Lydia comes back from the dead, Daniel shoots Emily on their wedding night and Emily's plan to bring down Victoria doesn't work. Now she has amnesia and is in a messy situation. 

The show returns tonight for the rest of the season and we can only hope that it gets better. Actually that it gets back to season one glory. It needs to. I'm just thinking how this show should've been a 12 episode mini-series. It would have been awesome and justice would've been served. Right now, Revenge is disappointing and we so wish it wasn't. I guess Sunil Nayar has his work really cut out for him to rescue the show. 

Catch Revenge tonight on M-Net at 5.30pm 

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