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Meet Rolene Strauss- Miss South Africa 2014

Ziphozakhe Zokufa, Rolene Strauss and Matlala Mokoko
Last night on Mzansi Magic, we watched the Road to Miss SA finale, which took place at Sun City. 12 of the most beautiful ladies in South Africa vied to be crowned the 57th Miss South Africa. 

As we predicted, Rolene Strauss won the pageant, and was crowned Miss South Africa 2014 by Marilyn Ramos. Another one of our predictions, Ziphozakhe Zokufa, came second and Matlala Mokoko came third. It was a tough, especially since Ziphozakhe and Matlala sometimes looked stronger than Rolene, but then the Q&A sealed it. Her answer was impressive and what's great is that the top three is the strongest in years. 

We ran an article in the SM Magazine yesterday about Miss South Africa and if people should still care about. We had expert comment from Andre Sleigh of Eye For Beauty. He also wanted the Rolene, Zipho and Matlala to be the top three. 

Throughout the three months of The Road to Miss SA we saw just how the pageant had changed. The added social media aspect, where the finalists updated their fans of what was happening in the run up to the crown, was clever. 

Now when it comes to relevance, after last night's show, we think that the pageant is back. Slowly but surely its relevance will come back and with Melinda Bam in charge, and a worthy winner in Rolene, we are certain it will be. 

Now the small matter of having the pageant broadcast on a free-to-air channel. I would suggest SABC 3. When more people in SA watch the pageant and know who the winner is, then maybe the winner will be relevant again. 

Congratulations to Marilyn, the medicine student at University of Free State. 

PICTURES: Sun International 

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