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The Purple Wedding: George R.R. Martin explains Joffrey's death

Contrary to the fist-pumping and cries of "Let him choke! Die!" that King Joffrey's poisoning was met with from viewers in Game of Thrones season 4 episode 2 "The Lion and the Rose", Baratheon will surely be a character we'll come to miss.

As is so often the case, the villain can be the most compelling character, whom viewers keep coming back for though they may wish them dead.
Entertainment Weekly put this to the fantasy series' author in a recent interview, asking him: "In some ways, Joffrey’s death is the toughest death for viewers because he’s such an entertaining character to lose. You really had such fun with that character and Jack Gleeson’s performance is so malevolent. Can you talk about the decision you made to end this character when you did and how you did?"

He offered an elucidating reply on the importance of Joffrey's death, saying:
"Oh boy, it was so long ago! Lets see, the book came out in 2000, so I guess I wrote those scenes in like 1998. I knew all along when and how Joffrey was going to die, and on what occasion. I’d been building up to it for three years through the first books. Part of it was that there’s a lot of darkness in the books. I’ve been pretty outspoken in my desire to write a story where decisions have consequences and no one is safe.


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Streamed: #MSMadMen's Seventh Season- Possible Spoilers


The dresses are shorter, the women are bolder and the weather is sunnier, but Don Draper has never been more at odds with the changing world around him, as Mad Men enters its final season.

In the seventh season premiere, The Beginning, the show’s leading man Don, played by Jon Hamm, finds himself in unfamiliar territory as the vibrant, funky atmosphere and social upheaval of 1968 surrounds him.

At the end of season six, Don’s internal struggle with his real identity as the orphaned Dick Whitman – an identity he has kept hidden – starts to rear its head. As his Madison Avenue advertising company SC&P plans to expand to Los Angeles, Don is suspended from work by his partners, and takes his young children to Pennsylvania to see the destitute house he grew up in. Don is “pretty dismal”, in Hamm’s words.

“His marriage is falling apart again, his relationship with his children has really never been worse. And the one place where he always had safe haven was work, that’s been blown up as well, by his own actions. And it’s very tricky. It’s a very dark place for Don.”
It won’t be a quick conclusion to the critical hit, which garnered an average of 3.8 million viewers per episode during its sixth season. The finale is split into two, with the final seven episodes to air next year.

Don enters season seven shaving in the bathroom of an airplane, a seeming metaphor for his life being up in the air as he heads to Los Angeles to see actress wife Megan. Upon his arrival, she shuns his offer to drive her convertible, and he gets into the passenger seat, a change for the man usually in the driver’s seat for all aspects of his life. “It became obvious to me that Don, who is an impulsive person… that that’s what 1968 felt like,” Mad Men creator Matt Weiner said.

Weiner said Don’s journey throughout Mad Men is an American story, comparable to car industry leader Lee Iacocca, newspaper publishing magnate William Randolph Hearst, and even former US president Bill Clinton.
“These people have similar origin stories to Don in a way, and I just love the idea that America gives these people a chance. But in the end, they’re still themselves and that’s the central tension,” he said. The underlying theme of consequences has, and will continue, to play a key part in Don’s journey as the show enters the final season.

While Don struggles both internally and externally with his eroding facade, the women of Mad Men are dealing with a growing push for equal rights.
Peggy Olsen (Elisabeth Moss), Don's timid, secretary in season one, finds herself now at the end of season six in Don’s office taking over his duties. But her relationship with her career will be at the centre of her story in the final season.

“Peggy’s story is a constant mix between what’s good for Peggy as a person and what’s good for Peggy’s career. And the two have not gone together at all,” Weiner said.
Joan, played by Christina Hendricks, once an epitome of the pin-up 50s model, is encouraged by the growing power of women in the workplace, and attempts to expand her role at SC&P. Weiner said Joan “has stopped caring about how things look”, thus allowing her character more freedom.

And Megan, played by Jessica Pare, becomes the dominant figure in the marriage as she follows her career dreams. “The power has shifted as Megan has matured,” Weiner said. “I don’t think that woman is a symbol of anything other than a fresh start for (Don) and it didn’t really turn out that way.” – Reuters

In Memoriam: King Joffrey Baratheon #GameofThronesSA

Ding, dong, the king is dead! I'm sure that's how most of you reacted when you watched Game of Thrones on Friday.

So with little chance of us actually spoiling things for you (it has been on the internet for nearly three weeks though) here's a video done by the Wall Street Journal about the irritating brat king that was Joffrey of House Baratheon and Lannister. And with that, it's farewell Jack Gleeson. You were excellent in your role! 


Once Upon A Time Season 3: What to Look Forward To #OUAT

The Once Upon a Time Season 2 recap and Season 3 mini preview has just aired. And this week’s proper Season 3 premiere, The Heart of the Truest Believer gives us  our first glimpse of all the dangers lying in wait for our characters in Neverland. Peter Pan reveals himself to be a master manipulator, tricking Henry into revealing just how powerful his sense of belief is, Greg and Tamara meet a swift (and fitting) end, and our reluctant gang of heroes and villains learn that if they want to survive in Neverland, they’ll have to work together.
But many questions remain –  why does Pan want Henry’s heart? How will Neal make his way from the Enchanted Forest to Neverland? What is the significance of the doll that brought the fearsome Rumplestiltskin to tears?

Once showrunners Adam Horowitz and Eddy Kitsis tell us what we can expect in Neverland, about Tinker Bell and how the OUAT version of Ariel differs from the killer mermaids that attacked the Jolly Roger in the premiere. 
What’s ahead in Neverland?
Kitsis: The thing we wanted to do this year –  and we’ve always wanted to go to Neverland –  is we really wanted to focus on the core characters, and we thought because Neverland is a place where you don’t grow up, then you have to confront your past. So our inspiration was the idea that these characters would have to return to who they were before the curse in order to achieve this, and at the same time, we wanted to have them dig deeper into what everything means. We wanted to have time to reflect on what’s happened and what does it mean? Yeah, Emma looks at Mary Margaret as her mom, but does she really actually think of her as her mom?
Horowitz: We were really trying to use Neverland as a prism through which we can see these characters more clearly and more deeply.
Will we see anything romantic develop between Emma and Hook?
Horowitz: Well, the whole relationship “ship” thing is an awesome thing that fans bring to the experience of watching the show, but the story we’re telling encompasses both the relationships between all the characters and potential romances and the bigger emotional story, as well.
Kitsis: Obviously, they think Neal’s dead. Obviously, Hook is a man who likes ladies, and as we saw last year when they climbed the beanstalk, Emma has probably captured his heart a little bit. But in the same respect, we see that Neal is fighting like hell to get a second chance with her, and right now, I think that Emma is focused on getting Henry. She’s not somebody who likes to let her walls down, and her heart’s been broken too many times for her to be worried about dating right now, but we’ll see. She’s got two handsome guys. 
Why choose killer mermaids to attack the Jolly Roger?
Kitsis: Well, in the Peter Pan book, they were only nice to Peter, and they were saucy, and we like our mermaids saucy. For us, when we were coming up with this, we just loved the idea that that was who they were attacked by, and that was kind of symbolic of Neverland. It’s not what you think it is. Most people think of Ariel when they think of mermaids, and what they don’t know is that she’s surrounded by really hot-tempered mermaids.
Horowitz: To be fair, they were swimming peacefully when a pirate ship came through.
Kitsis: Yeah, to be fair to the mermaids, this is their turf, and they did not have an entry visa.
What Is the “Once Upon a Time” version of Ariel like? 
Horowitz: It’s our spin on Ariel. She’s going to be different than what you saw of the mermaids in this premiere.
Kitsis: I think the spirit of Ariel, JoAnna Garcia plays really well, which is the spirit of somebody who wants to see the world and wants to experience things outside of what they know. So we have our own little take on it, but I think that the thing that makes Ariel such a great character –  this spirit within her – is similar to our Ariel.
Horowitz: And there’s a fork in the episode.
How will the Charming family dynamic shift in Neverland?
Horowitz: It’s complicated, and hopefully in a good way… they’re an unusual family in that there’s this odd age thing going on between them –  they’re the same age, and they’ve been separated for many, many years, and now they’re thrown together on a mission. And really, for the first time in an enclosed kind of space, they’re able to start to deal with and sort out so many of these issues that they haven’t really had a chance to address yet.  

Kitsis: I think, also, for Snow and Charming, they realise in this moment that their daughter doesn’t really look to them for parental guidance, and that’s hard to get. So they’re realising they need to earn it. In a lot of ways, when they see Emma thinking, “if I took that bean last year and threw it on the ground and just took Henry when we had the chance, none of this would have happened. And maybe being good doesn’t work. Maybe it works in the Enchanted Forest, but it didn’t work in Portland, and it certainly didn’t work when I grew up.”
I think that what is hard for the Charmings is, they realise that their daughter grew up without hope, and that they have to instill it back in her, and how do you do that when her son is kidnapped, and you’re in a place that is making you confront your past? Because she has more in common with the Lost Boys than she does Snow and Charming.

Is Peter Pan beyond redemption or sympathy?
Kitsis: Our characters are all looking for a happy ending. They’re all looking for love. Some people are okay playing hardball. Some people want to do it the right way. Peter Pan is an interesting story…
Horowitz: In our minds, evil isn’t born, it’s made, and I think that applies to all the villains, including Peter Pan.
Kitsis: But he is a sick, twisted kid. The fact that Rumplestiltskin who, up until this point, is probably the nastiest of our villains and the most clever – when he says it’s someone he’s frightened of, I’m frightened of him. He gets in your head, and he says “oh, what are you most insecure about? I’m going to really exploit that.” 
What are the challenges of having Lost Boys as villains, considering you can’t have our heroes killing kids?
Kitsis: Can’t we? (Laughs.)
Horowitz: We thought that that is a really interesting dilemma, to have villains that, just by looking at them, you really can’t engage in a real way…
Kitsis: Even though they’re probably two hundred years older than you.
Horowitz: But they’re trapped as children, as boys, and how is that going to be a challenge?
Kitsis: The Lost Boys have a bit of a Lord of the Flies situation going on. But it is tough, and no one wants to kill children, but they want to get Henry back, and this is their villain. So, I think that is a challenge, but we have a very clever group, andthe show has gotten very dark, but we never do violence that is gratuitous, and we don’t kill people unless it is earned… and I think Greg and Tamara were probably earned because they believed in something without thinking about it.
What role will Henry play, now that he’s in Pan’s clutches?
Horowitz: Henry has, as we’ve seen over the years, been a very resourceful, independent boy, who will now be thrown into a situation where that will not only be tested but he’ll have to deal with not just running away and trying to escape, but with a psychological test, which is Pan, the ultimate manipulator?
Kitsis: The thing that makes Henry so great is his belief. He believed enough in a book to get on a bus, to go to Boston, to convince this woman who gave him up for adoption in a prison in Phoenix, to come back because Snow White and Charming needed to remember whom they were– and it worked. 
So this is a world where that belief will be used against him, and I don’t think we’ve ever seen that before. 

How will Regina handle being trapped with people she hates?
Horowitz: It’s not going to be easy for her.
Kitsis: You could see at the end, she doesn’t care for Emma saying she’s the leader. Rumple said right away, “I’m out,” and I think she’s so mad that she’s (like) “why am I at the kids’ table?”
Horowitz: Some of that will be delved into in Episode 3. We get a little bit more into Regina and just what it’s like for her to be on this trip with people she detests.
How much will the season focus on Rumple’s predicted fate, and his attempts to avoid it – or not avoid it?
Kitsis: A lot. There was a prophecy, and the prophecy said that the boy would be his undoing. So it seems to me he left, very determined to do the right thing, but he was offered a deal – he is offered many temptations, and now he doesn’t even have to kill the boy. He just has to leave an island.
He believes he has nothing left to live for. He holds himself responsible for the death of his son. What he doesn’t realise is that his son is in his house with Robin Hood. So Neal is very important to many characters on the show right now, who are behaving in certain ways based on the knowledge that he’s dead. Episode 4 is called Nasty Habits and that will be (Rumple’s) first back-story that we see this year.

What can you reveal about where Mulan, Aurora, Phillip and Neal’s story is headed?
Kitsis: Episode 3 will show where that’s going, and Neal is going to –  come hell or high water – get back to Neverland, and so I think that they feel like they’re heroes who will support him, and we know that Robin Hood feels a debt to him…
Horowitz: There’s a little bit more of a wrinkle to their story that we’ll delve into in Episode 3. 

Once Upon a Time airs Fridays on M-Net Series Showcase at 6.30pm

New Show Alert: #Mistresses Tonight on @MNetSeries Showcase

When a show revolves around four women’s lives and loves, as does Mistresses, the comparisons to Sex and the City and Desperate Housewives are inevitable writes Jacqueline Cutler

But don’t look for a Carrie or a Lynette. Rather, the prime-time drama, premiering on M-Net Series Showcase, tonight at 8pm, features two very different sisters, Savi (Alyssa Milano, Charmed) and Josslyn (Jes Macallan, Justified), and Savi’s pals Karen (Yunjin Kim, Lost) and April (Rochelle Aytes, The Forgotten).

Technically, at least in the first couple of episodes, no one is a mistress, in the kept woman sense of the word. Savi is connected to everyone else. An ambitious lawyer, she’s married to a distant, rather brittle chef, Harry ( Brett Tucker). When Savi’s husband ignores her, she seeks attention elsewhere.

“Savi has that moment where, ‘OK, I am going to jump off the cliff right now’, and lives and has to figure out how to put the pieces back together of her life,” Milano says. “That good girl/bad girl side that we all have and don’t necessarily act on. And she has to deal with it.”
The show, Milano says, “is exploring everything it means to being a sexual being – temptation, vulnerability”.

Savi has what could be a one-time assignation with colleague Dominic (Jason George, Grey’s Anatomy). Usually a rule-follower but going through a rough marital patch, Savi is confused and horrified by her actions.

“She is a good person that made a bad decision,” Milano says. 

Savi cannot get a handle on what is happening in her life and shares it with her friends. The friends share their dilemmas and try to help one another. “I just thought it was a very, very interesting balance between friendship and what goes on outside of that friendship but still affects the friendship,” Milano says, recalling her initial reaction to reading the pilot script. “And I love how flawed my character was.”

“It’s such a different show,” Kim says. “If we have the opportunity to live up to Season 3, we will make the audience care about our characters. It is a very stylish prime-time soap.”
The series is based on a BBC show that ran for three seasons, but Milano had not seen it.
“It wasn’t a conscious decision, only because I got hired on Thursday and started shooting (the following) Monday,” Milano says. “And once the pilot was shot I could identify with the character I created, and it seemed silly to go back and watch it. I was almost afraid it would change how I felt about the part.”

“The fun thing about Mistresses is it focuses on everyday people who make extreme choices,” George says. “They are there to support each other. Dominic is basically her work husband. He’s applying for the full-time position.”

The actors separately talk about how the show examines moral ambiguity.
“When you don’t know people, it’s easy to put things in black and white,” George says. “If you are in love with somebody and you’re married, does that make you a bad guy? If we met in a different time and place? It’s the usual shoulda, woulda, coulda.”

Savi’s sister, Joss, however, is determined to have few regrets, at least not as a result of abstaining from experiences. A free spirit, she relishes breaking rules and has many lovers.
The lone mom in the group is April, who’s also a recent widow. She’s convinced her husband’s ghost is trying to contact her, but she starts to date.

Despite all of this, the most complicated relationship in the first episodes belongs to Karen. A successful psychiatrist, Karen breaks the cardinal rule by having an affair with a patient.
The patient dies, but his son falls for her and starts stalking her.

“One thing interesting about Karen is she thinks she has it all together, but she doesn’t,” Kim says. “Something is wrong and juicy about her character as the series goes on.

“Morally, is this right or wrong? What is a marriage? What is infidelity and what is love?”


The TV Snitch: Faiytales, Drama, Death and Nonhle Thema

Once Upon a Real Life Fairytale
It hardly ever happens that fairytales come true. You know, when Prince Charming ends up with the princess, either Cinderella, Belle or Snow White? Well it’s happened. Once Upon a Time stars, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, who play Snow White and Prince Charming respectively, have tied the knot. Now I know the ladies who believe in love have just ”aww-ed”.  I don’t blame them. In a cynical world, it’s always heartwarming when people find love. Especially in Hollywood. Ginnifer and Josh are already expecting a baby and I’m wishing them all the best. And with the show having returned for a third season this past Friday, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled to see how great their chemistry is in  their scenes together. 

Isidingo’s Dilemma
For the past two weeks, fans and critics of Isidingo have been voicing their thoughts on the Oscar Pistorius-inspired storyline the SABC 3 soapie is following. Basically Bradley Haines, a rugby star with anger issues, “accidentally” shot and killed his father, through a door. Unlike Oscar, he doesn’t get bail, but there’s this overwhelming feeling that Bradley is innocent, which is rubbing viewers up the wrong way. I totally get how “lazy” it seems of the writers to basically copy what’s happening in real life. Yet it’s one of the things I have always liked about Isidingo; they are always in tune with what is happening around the country. So kudos to Isidingo for going for it. This could be an opportunity to change the direction of the soap. Make it more edgy, more dramatic than the sudser it is right now. Let’s hope that new head writer, Rohan Dickson, has the ideas to bring the show back to its former glory. 

Game of Thrones 
Game of Thrones returned on Friday and how amazing was it? What about those dragons? They are huge! Even the Khaleesi, Daenerys Targryen, can’t tame them. I was ecstatic to see Arya Stark alive, with the Hound protecting her, even though he wants to trade her to her aunt, Lysa Tully. And without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it (what are you waiting for?) Arya gets her sword, Needle, back. It’s a shocking scene. And speaking of shocking scenes, wait until you see the next episode. Something major happens that will shock the whole of Westeros. It will affect everyone and change the course of the series. 

Fargo: The TV Series
In 1996, Fargo was a hit film, winning Oscars for Frances McDormand, William H Macy and the Coen brothers, Ethan and Joel. Now FX has decided to remake the film as a TV series. Like the film, it is set in a small Minnesota city and will feature a true-crime story with a darkly comic tone. The series stars Joey King, Billy Bob Thornton and my favourite actor at the moment, Sherlock’s Martin Freeman. Fargo will be a ten-episode anthology, with a different story and cast each season, in the vein of American Horror Story and True Detective.  I love this format. Anthologies make for great TV and it allows the writers room to create new stories and new characters, without being inhibited by what happened in the previous season. This is one to watch and I have sent out word to Fox Africa to ask when it will be on air in South Africa. 

Nonhle Thema hosts once more
The controversial Nonhle Thema has made it back to mainstream TV, landing the coveted role of co-host on e.tv’s music show, Club808. However the channl has now moved the show to it’s OpenView HD channel, eKasi+, which means hardly anyone will be watching it. 
When e.tv made Scandal! a daily weekday show and moved Club808 to the Saturday death slot of 6.30pm, they essentially destroyed the show’s ratings, moving from nearly 2 million viewers on Fridays to less than 600 000 viewers on Saturday. Now it’s even worse that they have moved to eKasi+, which doesn’t have as many subscribers as the channel would like. 
They might as well cancel the show because they clearly don’t want anyone to watch it. I don’t think there are many people who would buy the OpenView HD decoder, just for Club808. No sir. 

David Basckin... On the Couch: TV Faceplam

The great and terrible drama of Reeva Steenkamp’s murder continues to capture the thoughts and feelings of a vast array of international viewers. A couple of days ago, mid-morning local time, continuous broadcasting of the Oscar Pistorius trial occupied eNCA, SABCTV, ANN7, CNN, BBC World and Sky.

This massive international coverage is a story in its own right. It is a small puzzle to me that only part of the context is actually shown. While we certainly hear all sides of the proceedings, the witnesses remain invisible. Surely if the officials allow television into the courtroom, all contributors to the action should be seen? They |are appropriately visible to everyone in the public gallery after all. At first, I was discomforted by the television coverage and the dedicated channel on DStv. This seemed to reduce the trial to a public spectacle with all the disadvantages that come with |such a decision.

The OJ Simpson trial was a circus with an outcome to match, but that was in America. They do things differently there. Here, free from the dubious input of a jury, the dignity of the bench ensures grandstanding is limited, rights are respected and the entertainment demands of a public audience rebuffed and outlawed. Well, that’s what happens in court. In the television-viewing context of the nation, other forces come in to play. Reality television, a format as complex and attractive as dog poo on the sole of your shoe, adds its own mindless tropes and metaphors to the mix.

When this all began, Anton Harber in his Business Day column asked why similar coverage of trials wasn’t available in South Africa. A great idea and a far more useful democratising process than the Parliamentary channel – a time waster so extreme that five minutes of watching induces a deep, cataleptic sleep.

Party politics continue to dominate local programming. Judge for Yourself, one of eNCA’s exceptional talk shows is chaired weekly by Judge Dennis Davis, a man of great intellect and charm. He, and only he, maintained control of a land restitution debate contributed to by the Freedom Front, the DA, ANC and a commissar from the EFF.

There was a lot of shouting, especially from the jolly commissar in his red Christmas hat. At one time, in fact, the aunties who maintain politeness and other aspects of general civilisation bleeped out some of the commissar’s observations. Come now, if television cameras can broadcast every last detail of the Pistorius Trial, surely South African democracy can cope with the fragrant insights of the EFF. In polar contrast, Athol Trollip of the DA was his usual moderate, informed and clearly focused self. His party continues to win all the clever awards at prize giving. The only sadness is that good policies are complex in concept and structure, attributes which cannot fit into television’s demand for three-word sentences and bumper sticker insights.

On the other hand, ANN7, with its curious mix of chaos and tabloid enthusiasm, loves three-worded sentences. These, combined with the more frequent one and |two-worded sentences, dominate the performance of Political Edge.

Neither circus nor Oprah-themed after party, this harmless piece of recycled waste features a stand-up host who wanders though a small audience offering the mic to anyone who wants it. There’s a panel of sorts, all talking at once while host Hajra Omarjee does obbligato banshee shrieks in failed efforts to maintain control. It’s all a bit like Grade 2 just before little break when everybody needs to pee. Give this a miss.


Duck Dynasty FINALLY comes to South Africa on History Channel

Remember this GQ interview? You know, the one where Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Robertson family, made homophobic statements? I'sure many wondered what this Duck Dynasty was and why we don't have it in South Africa. 

Now we do. History channel has finally brought Duck Dynasty over and it starts tonight on the History channel, DStv 186 at 8.30pm. 


Duck Dynasty introduces us to the Robertsons. Ask anyone in Louisiana and they’ll tell you that the Bayou State’s favourite first family do not live in the governor’s mansion, but in the backwoods where they    Operate a sporting empire fabricating of all things…duck calls! They are modern day Beverley Hillbillies who are living the “American Dream” operating a multi-million dollar enterprise while remaining true to themselves and their outdoors lifestyle. The most famous Robertson of all is the patriarch of the family – Phil Robertson, better known as the “Duck Commander.” Along with his brother Silas, sons Willie and Jase, their respective wives Korie and Missy and Phil’s best friend John, they run “Duck Commander Products” and employ half their neighbourhood as they grow a booming business. This hugely entertaining new series, Duck Dynasty, premieres on

Now meet the cast

Phil Robertson

"A real man don't call the plumbers. If he gonna call himself a man, he needs to know how to fix it, on the spot" 

Willie Robertson

"Gotta quack some skulls in the duck call room" #LifeAsBoss #WillieTweets

Jase Robertson

"I've been showing up late and dirty my whole life." 

Si Robertson

"Last time it got this hot, I blacked out, I woke up naked & I was in the middle of a park." 

Kay Robertson

"Our marriage is living proof that love & family can get you through everything." 

Korie Robertson

"A smart wife saves the receipt and exchanges it for a bigger size when no one's looking."


Are you tuning in?


Game of Thrones Season 4 Returns Tonight on @MNet #GoT

Mystical ice creatures, fire-breathing dragons, and the people caught in between return when the Emmy Award-winning drama series Game of Thrones unsheathes its fourth season tonight on M-Net, channel 101, at 9.30pm, with an exciting opener that lays the groundwork for drama and intrigue to come in the world of Westeros.

But before all of you get comfortable in your seats, take a look at our list of four things you need to know before you watch the season four premiere. 
  1. More people are getting killed off in the show than in the books: Those of you who are avid book readers of the TV series, if you thought you knew it all, and could foresee what’s going to happen this season – you are dead wrong. Most of you might be pleasantly surprised.
  2. The character of Daario has been recast: Remember that handsome guy who played Daenerys’s protector in season three? Well, looks like the series has made an upgrade to an even more dashing fellow – Michiel Huisman. Some of you may recognise him from his role as producer Liam McGinnis on Nashville.
  3. Arya and the Hound are the new Jaime and Brienne: Some of you might be thinking Arya Princess Of Winterfell needs to catch some kind of a break. I mean, it’s just been bad all around. Well, there might be one coming as she’ll now be travelling with her sworn enemy turned “friend” – the Hound.
  4. There is a new prince on the block: He’s a new face in Season 4. Prince Oberyn Martell will be played by Pedro Pascal (Graceland). Prince Oberyn is the brother of Prince Doran and is known as the Red Viper of Dorne. Not a bad name for someone making their first appearance. 

We’re scared already! In the first episode of Season 4 we should find out what his agenda is. Wink wink!

Here are a few things to expect this season:

Daenerys’s Dragons Are Taking Over
The youngest characters of Game of Thrones are growing up – unfortunately for Daenerys, that means the dragons too. Emilia Clarke chatted about the upcoming season and revealed that her character doesn’t quite have the same control over her “babies” as she used to. Are fiery times ahead?

Up until now, Daenerys Targaryan’s dragons have been an outright competitive advantage in her quest to liberate Meereen and eventually seize the Iron Throne. They burned Pyat Pree in the House of the Undying, they turned Kraznys into overcooked barbecue in the Season 3 – pretty much any time anyone’s given Daenerys a hard time she’s set her dragons on them. But heading into Season 4, those cute little fire-breathers are growing up – and Daenerys doesn’t quite have as much control over them as she used to.

Emilia explained how things will be changing in the new season for her and her scaly brood.

“They’re getting bigger and it’s simple logistics,” Emilia said, explaining why Daenerys’s authority as a mother is slumping. And she’s definitely right about the dragons growing – the Season 4 premiere enforces that these things aren’t just slightly dangerous cute pets, they’re fire-breathing monsters. And they don’t bow down to anyone. (That’s one mini spoiler we’ll give you.)

“They’re harder to maintain,” Emilia continued. “They’re harder to keep fed. They’re like rowdy teenagers – that’s the best way to describe them. They have a mind of their own and they breathe fire, so (Daenerys has to) kind of fire-proof the world.”

That also means that Daenerys is going to have to find away to fire-proof herself. Okay, we know that she’s a Targaryan who can’t be hurt by fire, but if she loses control of her dragons, she’ll lose everything. Think back to Season 1, before Daenerys hatched those bad boys on Khal Drogo’s funeral pyre — she was not in a good place.

So is fiery chaos on the cards for Daenerys this season? Watch her try to keep her “babies” on their leashes as she continues her quest to liberate and conquer Westeros.

Arya is out for revenge!
In previous seasons of Game of Thrones, it’s been easy to consider Arya Stark a favourite character on the show. She’s got spunk, she’s got backbone, and she isn’t afraid to speak her mind or pick up a sword to defend her family. 

But something changed in Arya in Season 3. After she saw the Starks being slaughtered at the Twins and realised her mother and brother had been betrayed by Walder Frey and murdered, she closed off.  She murdered Frey’s soldiers in cold blood in the Season 3 finale – a move which shocked even her travelling companion, the Hound. 

In Season 4, that darkness in Arya continues to grow. According to the actress who portrays her, Maisie Williams, Arya is “spiralling” after the events of Season 3, and her arc won’t have happy results. 

“She gets herself into a lot of sticky situations, but they’re really good situations for her. Old Arya would be nervous about it and wouldn’t push things as far as new Arya pushes them,” Maisie said.

She doesn’t keep her mouth shut. She says a lot of things that old Arya wouldn’t. You thought Arya was kind of outgoing and blunt, but the new Arya is just a lot less aware of that, almost, and isn’t trying to be cheeky; (she) just purely doesn’t care. I think that’s the one thing to take away from Arya this year: She feels nothing. She’s not happy, she’s not sad, she’s not grieving, she’s not vengeful. She’s just nothing.” 

She’s also given up on trying to reunite with her family. One of Arya’s main goals after she escaped King’s Landing following the death of her father, Ned Stark, was to find Catelyn and Robb, or make it to the Wall with her half-brother Jon Snow. But she’s done looking out for the rest of her family. 

“She’s completely given up on (reuniting with her family), and it almost feels like they’ve given up on her because she’s like, where were they?” Maisie says. “She’s angry. She feels like she’s the only one who’s been trying. Where’s the search party looking out for her? Why did no one recognise her? 

She’s angry at the fact that she’s trying so hard and she can’t see any of it coming back. 
“Where’s Jon? Why has he not come back? And obviously no one knows (where she is), and there’s reasons for that, but in her head (she’s thinking) ‘You’re all being really, really selfish and I’m the only one, so now I’ve given up. 

“‘Good luck, have fun, hope you don’t die’. That’s literally it. And she’s like, I won’t. I know I can do this, because look how far I’ve come already without you guys. Whereas you, I don’t know you anymore. I tried to help you. I tried to get back with you, but (shrugs).” 

That mindset might come as a shock to fans who considered Arya one of the characters on Game of Thrones they could continually root for. But Maisie wants people to start seeing Arya for who she really is in Season 4. 

“I don’t want people to like her anymore, almost. That sounds really, really bad,” Maisie admits. “I want people to realise that actually she’s not the same any more. You can’t root for her forever, because she’s not there to be your favourite character. That’s not what she’s there for. She’s real. 

“People go down bad paths and they make bad decisions, but it’s always justified in their head. I want the audience to differentiate that and not just be like, ‘Oh, it’s Arya, we love her’. Because actually look at what Arya’s doing. She’s being eaten away from the inside out, and she’s not stopping it.” 

So could Arya one day become a villainous character on Game of Thrones? Maisie thinks so. 
“I think she is done,” Maisie says. “I’m so fed up of red carpets and being like, ‘So this year Arya’s trying to get back home. Oh, we start to see this change in Arya where actually she’s more determined to get home’. I’m so done. I’m so fed up. Maisie as well. 

“I don’t want Arya to be looking out for anyone else apart from herself anymore, because she doesn’t have to. No one else is. She’s finally realising that, in this world, if you want to win, then you do anything you can.” – Supplied


Game of Thrones 4: Change is Coming. Tonight on @MNet

A large dragon landed in New York alongside a lot of familiar faces from the extremely popular series "Game of Thrones". And if you're looking for an insight into what is going to happen this season, here's Maisie Williams who plays Arya Stark. 

"I feel like this year your opinion on other characters are about to change a lot. And we're going to see a lot from the women, which I'm so excited about and I think the audience should be excited about that too." 

Game of Thrones is based on novels by George R.R. Martin, who, as viewers will know, is known to have no qualms about killing off even the most popular of characters. Actor, Peter Dinklage, said on the red carpet: "Sometimes in this genre, I even don't like calling the show a fantasy genre but some people do, they're a bit more one dimensional, heroes and villains and stuff. And this sort of combines them into sort of gray areas as people are in life." 

A new character called Oberyn Martell is on his way. He's played by Pedro Pascal, who himself isn't sure if he's supposed to be a goodie or a baddie. "It's definitely arguable," Pedro said. "I certainly don't think I'm a villain. Not in my eyes anyway." 

The ruthless characters of King Joffrey and his mother Cersei are back. Lena Headey who plays Cersei is now getting used to her hatred by the public.  "You know, somebody will say, 'you're such a ****ing bitch.' And before I would have been offended and now I think, 'ok, maybe that's a good thing.'" 

You can find out the fate of all your favourite characters when the fourth season of 'Game of Thrones' hits television screens tonight on M-Net at 9.30pm 


MTV Africa Music Awards 2014 Nominees

The nominees for the 2014 edition of the MTV Africa Music Awards, were announced last night at a party in Sandton's The Sands. 

The awards, which honour African music and music videos, are finally returning after a four year absence. The re-launch took place in Durban in March and they will be taking place on Saturday, 7 June 2014, at the Durban ICC. 

Mafikizolo, Uhuru and Davido scored 4 nominations each, with Mi Casa, P-Square and Yuri da Cunha following with 3. Writer, Chimamanda Adiche, Oscar winning actress, Lupita Nyong'o, comedian, Trevor Noah and soccer player, Yaya Toure are also nominated in the African personality award. South Africa are dominating in some categories, with Best Pop and Best Alternative boasting only South African musicians. 

Artist of the Year:
Davido (Nigeria)
Mafikizolo (South Africa)
Mi Casa (South Africa)
P Square (Nigeria)
Uhuru (South Africa)

Song of the Year:
Davido- ‘Skelewu’ (Nigeria)
DJ Clock feat Beatenberg – ‘Pluto’ (Remember Me) (South Africa)
DJ Ganyani feat FB – ‘Xigubu’ (South Africa)
DJ Kent feat The Arrows –‘Spin My World Around’ (South Africa)
Dr Sid feat Don Jazzy – ‘Surulere’ (Nigeria)
KCee - ‘Limpopo’ (Nigeria)
Mafikizolo feat Uhuru ‘Khona’ (South Africa)
Mi Casa- ‘Jika’ (South Africa)
P Square – ‘Personally’ (Nigeria)
Yuri Da Cunha -‘Atchu Tchu Tcha’ (Angola)

Best Male:
Anselmo Ralph (Angola)
Davido (Nigeria)
Diamond (Tanzania)
Donald (South Africa)
Wizkid (Nigeria)

Best Female:
Arielle T (Gabon)
Chidinma (Nigeria)
DJ C’ndo (South Africa)
Efya (Ghana)
Tiwa Savage (Nigeria)

Best Group:
Big Nuz (South Africa)
Mafikizolo (South Africa)
Mi Casa (South Africa)
P Square (Nigeria)
Sauti Sol (Kenya)

Best New Act:
Burna Boy (Nigeria)
Heavy K (South Africa)
Phyno (Nigeria)
Stanley Enow (Cameroon)
Uhuru (South Africa)

Best Live Act:
2face (Nigeria)
Fally Ipupa (DRC)
Flavour (Nigeria)
Dr Malinga (South Africa)
Zakes Bantwini (South Africa)

Best Collaboration:
Amani ft Radio and Weasel – ‘Kiboko Changu’ (Kenya/Uganda)
Diamond feat Davido – ‘Number One’ (Remix) (Tanzania/Nigeria)
Mafikizolo feat May D – ‘Happiness’ (South Africa/Nigeria)
R2bees feat Wizkid – ‘Slow Down’ (Ghana/Nigeria)
Uhuru feat DJ Buckz, Oskido, Professor, Yuri Da Cunha – ‘Y-tjukutja’ (South Africa/Angola)