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3 Talk with Noeleen is back. FINALLY

After like months without any new episodes, SABC 3 has confirmed that 3Talk with Noeleen is coming back tomorrow afternoon. Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu will be back tomorrow, with a sit down interview with Rockville actress, Boity Thulo. 

Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu has been appearing in promo's since last week, where she has been saying that the show will return on Tuesday, 8 April. In the promo video, which has been flighted on SABC 3, Noeleen is wearing a blue cardigan and top and she has thin braids on her head and she's looking much younger. 

There hasn;t been a reason given on why the show has been on hiatus so long. In a chat we had with SABC 3's new Channel Head, Aisha Mohammed, she revealed that there are many changes to be expected on the show.  

Let's hope those changes means new producers. The show has been rather bland the past couple of seasons. Let's hope that the hiatus meant that the producers have been working extra hard to not only bring viewers a great show, but also some variety in topics. 

One feature that's remaining is The Doctors, as are the celebrity interviews. I wish that local TV shows, dramas, films and comedies will get to be interviewed on the show, you know, like how people with something to promote go to talk shows to talk about it? Maybe then we'd actually get people going to the cinema and buying authentic music, instead of the other nonsense the buy on the street. 

Here are some of the shows you can look forward to in April

8th April  - Getting to know Boity
Voted as Mzansi’s sexiest woman in 2012 and 2013, this young lady is no stranger to attention, but recently she brought social media to its knees with a very revealing, very beautiful picture of her natural assets. At just 23 years old, Boitumelo Thulo is chasing her dreams and they seem to be coming true.
9th April  - Hypnosis
The practice of hypnotism dates back centuries, and there are those who swear by its validity. Skeptic or a believer, hypnosis is an interesting phenomenon. Imagine being hypnotised and you are not in control of your actions and state of mind. We explore hypnosis together with our experts and celebrity guests who volunteer to be hypnotised.
10th April  – What’s On Your Mind?
It’s hard not to listen to the news or read a paper without being affected by something that’s happening in the world and most especially our country. Is there an issue that’s weighing on your mind at the moment? We’ll be opening the lines to find out.
11th April- Getting to know iFani
He is a breath of fresh air to the South African Hip Hop industry. Highly talented both as an MC and a rapper, iFani is as intriguingly unique as his sound. We get to know more about his life, love and musical career.
14th April – Mixed Bag of Medicine
The Doctors will be in studio giving you all the essential information you need to look after your health. We’ll also be opening the lines to take your medical calls, tweets and emails.
15th April – Pull Her Down Syndrome
Pull Her Down Syndrome is sadly one that most women suffer from regardless of status in society. The PHD syndrome is based on an inferiority complex. We are joined by our panel who help us discuss this particular problem and its effects. Could you perhaps have the PHD Syndrome? Watch to find out.
16th April – Sharon Glass: Easter Feast
It’s Easter time and there is no better opportunity to gather friends and family around the table for a feast. Take the hard work out of entertaining your loved ones with Sharon Glass’s delicious menu that will save you time without scrimping on flavour.
17th April – Noxolo Grootboom
She is SA’s most loved TV news anchor. After over 20 years as a news reader, she decided to take a bow. We get to know the woman behind the words “Ndini thanda nonke emakhaya”, her life love and more.
18th April  - Gospel
Many Christians worldwide celebrate Easter with special church services, music, candlelight, flowers and the ringing of church bells. To commemorate the celebrations, we have South Africa’s greatest gospel musicians to serenade you with sound music.

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