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UPDATE: SA's Got Talent Auditions to start soon & the changes they need to make

It's reality TV competition fever again and one of the popular one's SA's Got Talent, is coming back soon. The show just made a big announcement on it's Facebook Page. 

Auditions are expected to start in May and this time, from what we have heard, the judges will be tagging along to Cape Town, Durban and of course Joburg for the auditions. The past two seasons, the Durban contestants have had to travel to Johannesburg for the 'auditions' in front of the judges.  So the judges actually coming down to the city like the Idols judges do, is great. 

UPDATE: My source tells me that the Durban 'theatre' auditions have been put on ice and will no longer be taking place, which means it's back to Joburg for the Durban contestants. 

One element of the show that's missing is theatre week. In Britain and America's Got Talent, we get to see the acts perform a bit more, sometimes even three times, before they put through to the semi-final. I feel we are missing that, because we basically see the auditions once and then the judges choose who they want through to the semi-finals and then the public gets to vote who gets into the finals and eventually, the winner. The audience is not given the time to bond with the contestants or whether to see if they will grow and how they handle pressure in the all too important theatre week. As much as the weird acts are popular, and are there for our amusement and not because they are talented, they waste so much time and instead of the judges focusing on the serious people, they end up focusing on asking these time wasters, why they think they have talent.

An extra episode or two focusing on the contestants during the theatre week, would be so perfect and the show will be more interesting, because the public will feel like they know these people and they either like or don't like their act. 

Last year's winner, Johnny Apple- he's basically disappeared. Where is his single? And I don't think anybody actually cares because few people formed a relationship, a bond with him while on the show, because he only performed three times- his audition, the semi-finals and the final. It's not enough!

So let's hope that e.tv and Rapid Blue will heed our call and make the changes. 

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