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Dear e.tv. You messed up.

Sometimes one has to wonder about the decisions that e.tv has made recently. Last year, the channel announced- with much fan fare- that they will be screening Scandal! five days a week. Fans were happy, ecstatic really. Not I. I was worried. Screening Scandal! on a Friday now meant that the popular music show, Club808, which was at the time presented by Mo Flava and Dineo Ranaka, had to move to a Saturday. 


Moving the show to Saturday at 6.30pm, where most people are already out and there's strong competition from SABC 1's Friends Like These, was a massive mistake. While I appreciate the fact that Scandal! needed to be a daily show, surely e.tv could have (and should have) moved the show to either 8pm or 8.30pm. Hell, even putting it at 9pm so it will compete with SABC 1's less popular (ratings wise), but somehow still influential music show, Live AMP! By moving it to Saturday, they lost more than a million viewers and that's why the show is now termed as 'underperforming.'

What's worse now is that they are moving the show from e.tv to eKasi+. Another misguided decision. Yes, we appreciate that the channel is trying to get people to subscribe to it's OpenView HD channels, but it makes NO sense to bury the show on a channel not watched by many people, because they want more people to subscribe to it. Well it's a stupid decision.

e.TV announced yesterday that Nonhle Thema, who is arguably one of the best TV presenters we've seen in South Africa, has joined the show. Mo Flava has been co-hosting the show with Thando Thabethe for less than a year and now Thando has left the show to focus on her acting work and her duties as a 5fm presenter. It's well known that if you're a radio DJ on a SABC radio station, you can't basically be seen on a competing channel. 

Imagine the thousands of extra viewers the show would have had with Nonhle Thema now co-hosting with Mo Flava? The show would have definitely be resuscitated, ratings wise. People would have wanted to see whether Nonhle was 'okay' again and see whether she can still hold her own as a presenter. 

Now few people will even see her. And to make matters even more interesting, they have moved the show back to Friday, at 6.30pm at a time where people are watching e.tv's Rhythm City. 

Whoever is making the programming decisions at e.tv is clearly not thinking long term. You've basically killed Club808, which is actually a good show.

A great pity e.tv and a missed opportunity to gain back the viewers you had lost.  

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