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Game of Thrones renewed for two more seasons

DUH! I mean if it wasn't renewed after having 6.6 million viewers on it's first episode, then there would have bee pretty upset fans of the show breathing fire down the necks of HBO executives. 

The epic fantasy series, has been renewed for TWO more seasons by HBO, which effectively means we will have Game of Thrones on our screens in 2016. It won't be surprising if we see the show on air for a further two years. But then, that will depend on whether the series has caught up with George RR Martin's books or not. 

The first episode of the fourth season was basically a re-cap of what happened on the Red Wedding and the consequences on the murder of the Stark family. So not to spoil it for our South African readers, we'll leave it there.

Check the Sunday Tribune on Sunday for an awesome Game of Thrones feature! And then tune in on Friday, 18 April 2014 for the season 4 premiere of Game of Thrones on M-Net. 


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