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Meet the Cast of SABC 2's new drama: Thola

What a glamorous picture! The cast of SABC 2's new drama, the second one this year, Thola, is made up of some of the most talented actors in the country. With Nthati Moshesh, Lerato Mvelase, Harriet Manamela and Candy Moloi, is one of the shows we are mostly looking forward to and can't wait to see. 

The drama, which is inspired by Oscar Wilde's An Ideal Husband, will be replacing 90 Plein Street, and will be airing on Tuesday at 9.30pm. 

Premise: Thola is a cautionary tale against us South Africans, sticking our heads in the sand and being unwilling to look past the glitter of our middle class homes, and the shimmer of the averted civil war and faux truce, and the rampant political correctness, to what is rumbling underneath our perfect lives.

Synopsis: Dibuseng Makwarela is a 38 year old materialistic, class-conscious housewife, and is enjoying le good life until Rudzani, her husband  falls from one of his construction sites and is in a coma.  Forced to take over the daily running of her husband’s business, Dibuseng’s world is shattered as she learns of the unscrupulous, dishonest dealings by her husband and his partner.  Not only that but also the family finances have dwindled and they are in debt – forcing her to fight for her family’s survival while trying to keep the business afloat in the unforgiving world of construction.

The Cast & Characters

Dibuseng Makwarela – (played by Nthati Moshesh)
Dibuseng is a qualified Quantity Surveyor, but put her career on hold with the birth of her first child, daughter Kone. By the time her younger son, Shoni, was born she had embraced the life of wife and mother, supporting her husband and love of her life, Rudzani, in his determined climb to a better life… a life of privilege. Her husband’s accident is her wake up call to be the person she is supposed to be.

Adam Shore – (played by Marcel van Heerden)
Adam is the co-owner of Makwarela & Shore and Project Manager of the gated-community-project in Houghton currently under construction. As family friend he is the one Dibuseng turns to in her hour of need… a position Adam will exploit to his advantage, until the forces he is servant to turn on him.

Rudzani Makwarela – (played by Fumani Shilubana)
Rudzani started out in the Construction Industry with big dreams and even bigger ambitions. When faced with the shadow-business at play he had a choice… become part of the game and realise your dreams or fight it and go under. He made his choices, and now his family is living the consequences.

Dieketseng Mofokeng – (played by Harriet Manamela)
There has always been an uneasy, competitive relationship between Dieketseng and her sister Dibuseng… and their paths seem to have split when Dibuseng’s life veered into the realm of privilege and excess, while Dieketseng and her family embraced a more predictable, smaller life. Neither of the sisters is prepared for the battle that will reunite them as a team when Dibuseng is forced to fight for her forgotten values.

Dipuo Nuru – (played by Lerato Mvelase)
Dipuo has a complicated history as the daughter of an accused impimpi, now deceased. She exorcises her demons through her relentless pursuit of the truth. Her attorney husband Steve keeps her legal, although her fervor to get to the bottom of things sometimes run away with her.

Steve Kefentse – (played by Putla Sehlapelo)
Steve is brilliant at his job and is gifted with the ability of seeing the bigger picture, a quality that serves him well as attorney. He considers his own belief and dedication to justice his personal strength, although he sometimes feels as if his wife, Dipuo’s  unrelenting search and support for the truth and what is right, dwarfs his own efforts somewhat.

Fhatu Neluvhola (Fhaṱuwani) – (played by Candy Moloi)
Fhatu is another mother to Dibuseng and unofficial ‘grandmother’ to Dibuseng’s two children. In her role as helper she not only keeps Dibuseng’s house and home running like a well-oiled machine, she also sees to it that Kone and Shoni grow up with their father’s culture, Venda. Fiercely protective, she has known Rudzani since he was an orphaned boy in Venda and there is nothing she will not do for him.

Lufuno Ndou – (played by Lerato Zah Moloi)
Lufuno is Dibuseng’s best friend. She knows the family very well and was a long-legged teenager in Venda while growing up with Rudzani. An ex-model, she knows the glamorous, glorious life as well as the cruel, harsh realities that destroy. Not one to suffer, she knows how the world works and is hell-bent on seeing that the world works in her favour.

Creative Team

Thola directed by Alex Yezbek, Natalie Haarhoff and Pieter Grobbelaar, with actress-turned-director, Ferry Jele as assistant director. 

Check out the trailer here

Intrigued? Then tune-in to SABC2 every Tuesday from the 8th April 2014 at 21h30.

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