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Meet Isidingo's new family- the Kondile's

There's a new family in Horizon Deep. TV website, TVSA, broke the news that Isidingo will soon be graced by noted actor, Jet Novuka and singer/presenter/actress, Noluthando Meje. 

Noluthando then confirmed the news on Twitter. 
Jet is one of the most respected, yet underrated actors, boasting an impressive resume on shows like Jacob's Cross, Zone 14, Montana, 4Play: Sex Tips for Girls, Yizo Yizo and more. Noluthando is more famous for her music and as a contestant on Idols. She's also started making inroads into the acting industry, with roles in Stokvel and SABC 2's Swartwater, where she can be currently be seen in, alongside Harriet Manamela and Jana Strdyom.

Basically Jet and Noluthando will be Sizwe and Zukisa Kondile, a poor couple from Port Elizabeth, who moved to Johannesburg in search of fulfilling their dreams and also wanting a better life.

They have to make a sacrifice and leave their son in PE since they can't take him with them as they don't have enough money to care for all three of them. The plan is to establish themselves and then when they are comfortable, he can come up and stay with them. 

While there's not much about their relationship dynamics yet, it's going to be interesting to see how the age difference is going to be played up- either it's a problem for them or not. What we do know is that Zukisa will get a job at Sibeko Towers as a maid at the penthouse and she's the main breadwinner at hers and Sizwe's home. Which then will play out into a man who's unemployed feeling emasculated with his emancipated wife. 

Interesting times ahead and I can't help but wonder how Rohan Dickson, the head writer, will handle this story-line. Will it be dramatic or will it be another sudser? 

With news that Ashish Gangapersad, who plays Prada, is leaving the show, I wonder how it's going to affect the show and also how they write him out. Let's hope it's a BLAST. And sets us up for another kick ass story-line. Isidingo desperately needs some drama injected into it's life. Pronto. 

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