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Nicole Trunfio vs. Naomi Campbell. What The TV Snitch makes of it.

Naomi Campbell is embroiled in a war of words with fellow judge of The Face Australia, Nicole Trunfio. What happened is that they were arguing about a contestant that they both wanted and things got heated, with Nicole saying that Naomi had reached her sell-by date. Yes. She told the supermodel queen, Naomi Campbell, member of The Trinity and The Big Five (and Six), that she had reached her sell-by date and doesn't know what she's doing. I'll let that sink in. 
This led to Naomi flipping the bird to Nicole and leaving the set. Nicole then called Naomi a bully and went to the press saying that Naomi was unprofessional and bullied her on the show. She told various media that Naomi was 'more and more of a bully every episode' but that she was able to 'rise above it all.' "I tried to handle it as diplomatically as possible, I would never say anything like the things she was saying to me. It was crazy."

She admitted to Australia's TV Week that it was a 'tough' experience and how Naomi 'continued to break me down every single day.'

The Telegraph reported that Naomi says that Trunfio was a “nightmare” and “disrespectful” while filming. “First of all I don’t have a camp,” Campbell told Confidential. “And I can’t speak for the English producers or what the network feels. If they say that about her they say that, it has nothing to do with me."

“I don’t have a problem with Nicole I just think Nicole maybe didn’t watch the show which is a competition between the mentors … it’s not about disrespecting the mentors or the executive producer which she had no idea that I was,” she said.

“It is fine, she learnt and she got the hang of it. At one point and we sat down and discussed it with her because no one had.“It is not about disrespecting someone who has been working for 28 years and has been there before … that is something I would never do to any of the models I look up to like Iman … I just don’t do that, I want to listen and learn and let it know what I can do to better myself, it is not about disrespecting people.”

Campbell also said Trunfio could learn a thing or two in life about blaming other people. “I don’t point fingers, if someone says something about me, I just get on and do my work,” she said.

So is Nicole courting fame by claiming that Naomi bullied her, or is Naomi guilty of bullying a fellow mentor?  The thing is before The Face, we didn't even know that Nicole existed. 'We' is the general man on the street. Seriously. I didn't know this Nicole person even existed. Now she has her fair shot at international fame and who does she make sure that it's possible? The notoriously controversial Naomi Campbell. It's quick to believe anything bad about Naomi because of her record, but sometimes we need to take a step back and realise that Nicole basically called Naomi a has-been. That time Naomi will be eternally iconic and she'll just be another model who got to work for Naomi's show. 

So now we have to wait and see whether Naomi will invite Nicole back onto the show. 

What would suck though, is if all this drama is for publicity. I now feel sorry for the other judge, Cheyenne Tozzi because no one is talking about her. 

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