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SAFTAs: The Red Carpet Drama

Whenever you get one of South Africa's best presenters, Bonang Matheba, to be part of your production, the viewers always expect a great production. So how disappointed were we when instead of a great red carpet insert, one that viewers had been expecting and highly looking forward to, was a shambles? 

Firstly, this was NOT Bonang's fault. She was graceful, looked stunning in that crimson gown that any Hollywood starlet would die to wear at the Cannes Film Festival or the Oscars, and she did the best she could do. The show was pre-recorded, which then means there shouldn't have been any problems. But there were and how sad was it? 

For close to two minutes, Bonang presented the red carpet and there was no sound. A full two minutes actually. Then SABC 3 doesn't issue an apology, but instead goes on an ad-break that took so long, some people went back to watch the Chelsea match on Supersport. 

When the sound finally came back, they went straight to red carpet interviews, where we saw Bonang interview Kagiso Lediga, Tango Ncetezo, Tiffany Jones Barbuzano, Nomzamo Mbatha, Jessica Nkosi, Loyiso Gola, Tina Jaxa, Motshabi Tyelele and the Mahotella Queens. Please notice that only Kagiso, Motshabi, Tina and Loyiso were nominated for awards. Where were the actors and directors that were also nominated? Surely they were interviewed? 

We saw pictures on Twitter of the various other people Bonang interviewed and while we appreciate that there was little time to compile the red carpet insert, which was only for twenty minutes, surely the SABC could have made a plan and aired the news at 6.30pm so the red carpet could have been live? It's frustrating when a capable presenter is NOT allowed to shine on TV, especially when we know that she would have done a great job and mostly did do a better job than the one that was shown.

This is firmly at the door of the SABC and whoever was handling the production for them (Clive Morris Productions maybe?) It was such a disappointment and those sound issues just messed what could've been an even better show. 

Let's hope that next year, the channels will work together and make sure that there's great red carpet coverage. People may say otherwise, but we generally care what our stars are wearing. And they mostly disappoint. Come on guys. Make friends with designers, stylists and your wardrobe departments. Please. 

Just a shout out to Bonang Matheba: Your sartorial choices always leave us in awe and what you wore to the SAFTAs last night was amazing and we so wish that more of our stars would take a leaf out of your book and realise just how important looking good is in this industry. And we are not saying they must go out and spend thousands on a dress- surely they can loan out a designer dress for the night? SA Fashion Week had some great dresses, as did Joburg Fashion Week a few weeks ago. It's time our celebrities started taking their image very seriously and making sure that they actually look like the stars they are. 

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