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Sony Television Networks Upfront

Sony Television Networks- Sony Entertainment Television and Sony Max, have invited some of South Africa's top TV critics and journalists to their first Upfront of the year. 

Sony has some pretty interesting shows on air at the moment, the best one being Hannibal. Hannibal is amazing storytelling, great acting and whenever you watch Mads Mikkelson, Laurence Fishburne and Hugh Dancy on screen, you get goosebumps. That's just how great the talent on the show is. 

Another show that ranks very highly is The Amazing Race. Almost always a season or at most, two behind, Sony brings us the latest season of the popular race around the world, which is presented by Phil Keogan. 

A show that started recently is Chef Race: UK vs. US, which is presented by Jamie Oliver and sees eight chefs from the UK and the US battle it out to see which nation is the best when it comes to the culinary arts. 

The Arsenio Hall show recently returned in the US and Sony quickly acquired it for the South African market. We last saw Arsenio Hall in the 90s. 

There's also old favourites, like Martin Lawrence's shows, Friends, and other 90s comedy shows. 

We'll be speaking to Lyle Stewart, who is the Senior VP for the Central & Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, where he oversees business across Germany, Russia, the Baltics and Africa while adding Central Europe to his remit and spearheading opportunities in Turkey, Greece and the Middle East.

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