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The Purple Wedding: George R.R. Martin explains Joffrey's death

Contrary to the fist-pumping and cries of "Let him choke! Die!" that King Joffrey's poisoning was met with from viewers in Game of Thrones season 4 episode 2 "The Lion and the Rose", Baratheon will surely be a character we'll come to miss.

As is so often the case, the villain can be the most compelling character, whom viewers keep coming back for though they may wish them dead.
Entertainment Weekly put this to the fantasy series' author in a recent interview, asking him: "In some ways, Joffrey’s death is the toughest death for viewers because he’s such an entertaining character to lose. You really had such fun with that character and Jack Gleeson’s performance is so malevolent. Can you talk about the decision you made to end this character when you did and how you did?"

He offered an elucidating reply on the importance of Joffrey's death, saying:
"Oh boy, it was so long ago! Lets see, the book came out in 2000, so I guess I wrote those scenes in like 1998. I knew all along when and how Joffrey was going to die, and on what occasion. I’d been building up to it for three years through the first books. Part of it was that there’s a lot of darkness in the books. I’ve been pretty outspoken in my desire to write a story where decisions have consequences and no one is safe.


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