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The Roast of Kenny Kunene- Somizi spills what happened

So the Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene took place on Thursday evening, at the Lyric Theatre in Joburg. The show was being recorded and will be aired on Monday, 28 April, the same day as the SAMAs. (Ratings nightmare?)

Anyway we were rather skeptical about the chosen roasters, especially PJ Powers, Dineo Ranaka and Jack Parow. We loved that Tumi Morake was in the roast team, as was Somizi Mhlongo, Khanyi Mbau and John Vlismas. There was also a guy called Rian van Heerden who we don't know, so we decided not to comment on that. 

But we apparently didn't need to be that worried. Somizi Mhlongo was on The Front Row on Metro FM, co-hosted by Bonang Matheba and Mr Thato, a few minutes ago, talking about the Kenny Kunene Roast and it turns out that Rian was one of the best. He also spoke to them about the feeling on set and backstage during the recording.

"Before the show started, you get the feeling 'of what was I thinking? I Wish I could run away... load shedding...' and it's because you never know what everyone else will say about you.  Here we were laughing and joking backstage, but then come showtime, you get slaughtered."

The show, according to the dancer and choreographer, was amazing. "Showtime, it was amazing. And when it was my act I murdered, slaughtered, exorcised." 

The highlight of the show for him, was his set and also Mr Rian van Heerden, the one we were all nervous about. "Rian- jerrr he brought it down. I totally underestimated him. He was amazing. Tumi Morake was amazing. Khanyi Mbau was at the end, and she brought it down. She had to fire back the bullets she had received. John Vlismas. Yeah. The entire troop was amazing. We were laughing at ourselves. It was fun. I'd do it again."

And Kenny's response? Well from what Somizi said, it was anti-climatic. "We fired Kenny with bullets and he comes back with a ketty sling." Also, he said that his fellow roasters were: "Too nice to me. I wanted them to go hard. I worked hard for this. But even so, it was amazing. So much fun. I Enjoyed it."

Catch The Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene on Monday, 28 April on Comedy Central at 8pm 

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