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The TV Snitch: Faiytales, Drama, Death and Nonhle Thema

Once Upon a Real Life Fairytale
It hardly ever happens that fairytales come true. You know, when Prince Charming ends up with the princess, either Cinderella, Belle or Snow White? Well it’s happened. Once Upon a Time stars, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, who play Snow White and Prince Charming respectively, have tied the knot. Now I know the ladies who believe in love have just ”aww-ed”.  I don’t blame them. In a cynical world, it’s always heartwarming when people find love. Especially in Hollywood. Ginnifer and Josh are already expecting a baby and I’m wishing them all the best. And with the show having returned for a third season this past Friday, I’m going to keep my eyes peeled to see how great their chemistry is in  their scenes together. 

Isidingo’s Dilemma
For the past two weeks, fans and critics of Isidingo have been voicing their thoughts on the Oscar Pistorius-inspired storyline the SABC 3 soapie is following. Basically Bradley Haines, a rugby star with anger issues, “accidentally” shot and killed his father, through a door. Unlike Oscar, he doesn’t get bail, but there’s this overwhelming feeling that Bradley is innocent, which is rubbing viewers up the wrong way. I totally get how “lazy” it seems of the writers to basically copy what’s happening in real life. Yet it’s one of the things I have always liked about Isidingo; they are always in tune with what is happening around the country. So kudos to Isidingo for going for it. This could be an opportunity to change the direction of the soap. Make it more edgy, more dramatic than the sudser it is right now. Let’s hope that new head writer, Rohan Dickson, has the ideas to bring the show back to its former glory. 

Game of Thrones 
Game of Thrones returned on Friday and how amazing was it? What about those dragons? They are huge! Even the Khaleesi, Daenerys Targryen, can’t tame them. I was ecstatic to see Arya Stark alive, with the Hound protecting her, even though he wants to trade her to her aunt, Lysa Tully. And without spoiling it for those who haven’t seen it (what are you waiting for?) Arya gets her sword, Needle, back. It’s a shocking scene. And speaking of shocking scenes, wait until you see the next episode. Something major happens that will shock the whole of Westeros. It will affect everyone and change the course of the series. 

Fargo: The TV Series
In 1996, Fargo was a hit film, winning Oscars for Frances McDormand, William H Macy and the Coen brothers, Ethan and Joel. Now FX has decided to remake the film as a TV series. Like the film, it is set in a small Minnesota city and will feature a true-crime story with a darkly comic tone. The series stars Joey King, Billy Bob Thornton and my favourite actor at the moment, Sherlock’s Martin Freeman. Fargo will be a ten-episode anthology, with a different story and cast each season, in the vein of American Horror Story and True Detective.  I love this format. Anthologies make for great TV and it allows the writers room to create new stories and new characters, without being inhibited by what happened in the previous season. This is one to watch and I have sent out word to Fox Africa to ask when it will be on air in South Africa. 

Nonhle Thema hosts once more
The controversial Nonhle Thema has made it back to mainstream TV, landing the coveted role of co-host on e.tv’s music show, Club808. However the channl has now moved the show to it’s OpenView HD channel, eKasi+, which means hardly anyone will be watching it. 
When e.tv made Scandal! a daily weekday show and moved Club808 to the Saturday death slot of 6.30pm, they essentially destroyed the show’s ratings, moving from nearly 2 million viewers on Fridays to less than 600 000 viewers on Saturday. Now it’s even worse that they have moved to eKasi+, which doesn’t have as many subscribers as the channel would like. 
They might as well cancel the show because they clearly don’t want anyone to watch it. I don’t think there are many people who would buy the OpenView HD decoder, just for Club808. No sir. 

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