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The TV Snitch- HIMYM, Women's TV, Nicole Richie, Pharrell and Tumi Morake

How I Met Your Mother Ends. Finally.
How I Met Your Mother finally ended earlier this week in the US. The comedy about how Ted Mosby met the mother of his children has been on air for nearly a decade and over the years has had various stories, most of them linked to how they helped in eventually getting Ted to meet the mother of his children. With his friends, Robin, Barney, Marshall and Lily, Ted has been through everything in New York. I got over the series in 2010. It just wouldn’t end and I really wanted it to. The jokes were getting tedious and Barney’s misogynistic ways stopped being funny. The finalé, many critics said, was a letdown. It wasn’t realistic. It just messes up their previous storylines. Ted doesn’t end up with the mother. That’s just one spoiler you can forget as e.tv takes another three years to bring the next season. For me, it felt like the Gossip Girl finalé. It just didn’t add up. But the best thing about HIMYM ending is: It’s over! 

What Women Watch
Earlier this year I read research about women’s representation in TV. It’s a low number. Even more interesting is how even with women running shows, there’s still a lower than expected percentage of women starring on the show. It truly is a man’s world. Earlier this week I came across a piece on AdWeek about what women like to watch on TV. And it turns out women love shows that predominantly feature women in the cast, and women characters who are the leads and the catalysts of major storylines. Shows like American Horror Story, Scandal, The Good Wife, Veep and even Pretty Little Liars rank high for many women. And even though they are mostly geared for women, you find there are many men who tune in too. Other shows like Mad Men, Game of Thrones and Sons of Anarchy also rank high because of strong female characters on both shows. And with daytime soaps all but a dying genre, stereotypes are changing, which means daytime TV will have to change and be edgier, without resorting to sex and crude language. Better storytelling. 

Nicole Richie Returns to Reality TV
It’s hard to believe that Nicole Richie was once a reality star. She and Paris Hilton’s The Simple Life was a fun show, back in the days when reality shows were actually fun and not trashy. Then when The Simple Life ended, we got the horrible Kardashians. Anyway, Nicole is going back to reality TV. VH1 announced on Monday that they have acquired Nicole’s popular web series #CandidlyNicole and it will premiere in July. #CandidlyNicole was adapted from her Twitter feed, made up of her musings about everything from parenting to pop culture. No word on when it will air locally. 

Pharrell joins The Voice
What a coup for NBC! The Voice has signed musical genius Pharrell Williams to replace Cee-Lo Green as judge of its seventh season. Cee-Lo surprisingly quit in February, announcing his decision on Ellen Degeneres’ talk show. This is a great move by NBC as Pharrell is arguably one of the most talented producers in the industry, with experience in hip hop, R&B and pop. Now The Voice still doesn’t have a star. Five seasons in and none of their winners have made even a ripple in the industry. It’s a universal problem, the same happening with American Idol and Idols South Africa. The last winners have virtually all but disappeared. To stop this, NBC needs to look into how they can turn their The Voice contestants into stars. Maybe Pharrell, who’s always been great at marketing himself and his brand, will focus on how the contestants can be marketed after the show. 

Tumi Morake’s Dream – Her own show
I recently chatted to comedienne and actress Tumi Morake about her involvement on the Comedy Central Roast of Kenny Kunene. The Roast was filmed on Thursday and will air on Monday, April 28. Our chat led to us talking about the state of comedies in South Africa and whether she would consider creating her own sitcom. She would love to. “It’s a dream, né? And I’m going to do it. It’s going to be real. But I need time to make sure it’s proper. I don’t want to give South Africans a dodgy show.” Tumi is in Izoso Connexion on SABC2 on Sundays at 7pm.  

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