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Thola: A Review

Firstly I think we should send a shout out to SABC 2 for having TWO new dramas in the first quarter of the year. It's not a common occurrence, so this is great. Thank you. 

I only heard about Thola last week when they followed me on Twitter. I wondered what this @TholaTV was about and when I spotted their Twitter avatar, I got excited. They had some of my favourite actresses in the country: Harriet Manamela, Nthati Moshesh and Lerato Mvelase. that piqued my interest and I set out to find more information about the show, which you can read here.

Thola is a dramatic thriller about Dibuseng Makwarela, a 38 year old materialistic,  kept woman who is living in the lap of luxury, with her every whim taken care of. That is until her husband seemingly falls off one of his construction sites, effectively leaving him in a coma. She goes from a whim free life, consisting of lunches, cocktails and shopping; to a stressful realisation that her husband has no money and they are basically broke. Even her husband's medical insurance has lapsed, meaning she has to pay a ridiculous R56 000 deposit just so he is admitted in hospital. 

As her world crashes, the viewers realise that not all is as it seems and that's thanks to some dodgy guy making her sign documents that give her power of attorney over her husband's matters. Turns out the guy is involved with a phantom person on the phone. Who is it and what do they want with Dibuseng and her husband Rudzani? 

To make matters worse, her husband's PA wounds up dead on the street. This is after she had given Dibuseng a USB stick, obviously with information. Once again, it showed that PA's know everything about what goes on in any company.

Obviously this means that the husband was either pushed or he tried to commit suicide. But if he did, why are all these people suddenly popping up and why's the PA dead? 

I didn't see much of the supporting cast, except that Lerato Moloi plays Dibuseng's best friend (who I have an inkling is somehow involved in her friend's current debacle. It's high society. Nothing as effective as a take down, so that a new queen can rise.) Candy Moloi plays the maid and Harriet plays Dibuseng's sister, who doesn't really get along with her. 

It's a juicy who-dun-nit and I'm definitely tuning in next week. It looks solid already and with the cast that it boasts, it's sure going to be one to watch in the next coming weeks. 

Side note: I know that it's common for most kept wives to be in long weaves, but I really didn't buy Nthati in a weave, especially a long one. It looked misplaced. But then I guess she had to fit a stereotype of ladies who lunch. 

Thola airs Tuesdays, on SABC 2 at 9.34pm (after the Powerball)

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