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@SAsGotTalent- what we'd love to see + Audition Details @etvsa #SAGT

Finally the time has come. The SA's Got Talent auditions begin this weekend in Durban and we really hope this season will blow us away. 

We all know that the show's success really depends on the talent of the contestants and the past seasons, some of the talent just hasn't been nearly interesting enough for us to actually want to go watch them perform on stage. However, last year's talent was so much better and reminded us of the first season. 

The Got Talent format has become very popular worldwide and we've seen some pretty impressive videos from the British, US, Indian and more editions of the shows.

Here's some of the most interesting


What we'd do to have this girl come back to South Africa for SA's Got Talent? Amazing

So much talent!!

What adversity? This is amazing

One Direction who? Now THIS is talent


There are so many more- these are just some of our favourite from last year and early this year! 

So, Durban- go out there and do us proud!!!

Audition details

Date: Saturday, 24 May
Venue: Olive Convention Centre

The gates open at 7AM and close at 12PM

How to enter:
You can quickly register online by clicking here or email talent@rapidblue.com for an application form.

What to bring:
• Pre-registration form (if you have pre-registered)
• A photocopy of your I.D or birth certificate
• Under 18s must bring along their guardian(s) with a copy of their I.D or proof of guardianship
• Bring any props or accessories needed for your act and arrive clothed in your costume
• It will be a long day, so bring along refreshments and a camping chair for comfort
• You will need to sign a few forms so bring a pen

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