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MTV Africa Music Awards: Khloe Kardashian to attend, possibly present #MTVMAMA

So Khloe Kardashian is on her way to Durban. This is according to various sources, including Anele Mdoda. The Highveld 94.7 DJ drivetime tweeted this yesterday.
It was expected that the reality star will be at the awards, since she's dating one of the headline performers, French Montana. It would've been very odd had he showed up alone, especially since it's such a global event, rumoured to have nearly 500 million viewers around the world. A Kardashian miss a chance to be seen by 500 million people? That would never happen.

With the news that she will be shooting for next season of Keeping up with the Kardashians, it's a perfect vehicle for her to show her 'popularity'. Now there's word that she might be presenting an award at the show. That's not too bad. I hope she gets to present the Best International Act so that she can pronounce the names properly, because if she has to do the other categories and dares to mispronounce a name... We wouldn't be surprised if people start boo-ing.

Anyway, the Sunday Tribune will have FULL coverage of the MTV Africa Music Awards on Sunday- from interviews, the review of the show, the winners and of course the all important red carpet, will be in the paper. 

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