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@MNet brings us @CBS' #Extant from Wednesday. Here's what the critics have to say about it

Fresh from the US. We like this, M-Net. Extant has been acquired by M-Net and will air from next Wednesday, 23 July at 9.30pm. The show started two weeks ago in the US. 

Basically Extant is about Molly (Halle Berry), an astronaut who goes into space for 13 months and comes back, pregnant. Yip. Pregnant. Now she has to deal with that, her scientist husband and their android son, plus the fallout from the pregnancy. She has to reconnect with her family after a year in space. 

It is a sci-fi show, so it's expected. 

Plus, it was the most watched drama last week, with 9,8 million people tuning in. While we have to wait and see how many people watch the next two episodes for it to qualify as a hit, but we are certain it's on its way to be one. It is CBS, after all, plus not many people tune into TV during the US summer. 

Critics have given the Steven Spielberg show mixed reviews, but remember critics were only given one episode. 

The Hollywood Reporter
If Extant wants to be vague, it's doing a great job. Most of the hour seems like a murky dream without much technical assured-ness — just visuals that hints at "something sci-fi like in the future" and lets it go at that. … After an hour of minor hints that the government has outsourced space travel and humantics development to the private sector, viewers may start believing that Extant is being vague on purpose — because it doesn't know what it's doing, or what story it's telling.

Washington Post
"Extant quickly runs up its credit cards when it comes to borrowing imagery and ideas from other classics. In sci-fi, copying is more akin to homage, ... than in any other genre. Extant is coolly conceived and professionally directed, even though Berry tends to let her locked, agape lower jaw and bared teeth do the acting for her."

Extant looks well suited to making some noise, despite a pilot that’s heavy on tantalizing threads and not much else. Of course, the disclaimer would be that the same Amblin-CBS collaboration birthed “Under the Dome,” which proved a summer hit in 2013 but left a bad taste behind for many by playing too many “No, honest, you’ll get an idea what’s going on next week” games.

Vulture (NY Times)
"Praise to the creators for trying to revive this kind of classic science-fiction mystery, but it's suspenseful and quite silly and diluted by too many plodding plot devices and stock characters. While entertaining and expertly produced, it doesn't hold out a lot of promise." 

Still want to tune in? We do!

Catch the first episode on Wednesday at 9.30pm. 

Please Note: 

With Extant moving into the 9.30pm slot, all of the series mentioned below will follow an hour later than originally advertised:

-      CSI 14  new episode at 22:30                           
-      RAY DONOVAN 2  repeat episode at 23:30              
-      HOUSE OF CARDS repeat episode at 00:30         
-      LEFTOVERS, THE 1 repeat episode at 01:30    

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