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The Changes on @Official_SABC1 from Tonight

It's finally the 14th July 2014 and the day we've long been waiting for. SABC 1 and its sister channels, will be launching new shows and broadcast times from today onwards.

The channel, which has a youth focus, boasts the biggest viewership, thanks to Generations and the lead-in it provides the shows that air after it. 

Anyway here's what you can expect from SABC 1 today

The channel has pulled out all stops to bring viewers new shows in one of the exciting seasons ever seen from the channel. These are:
Cast of Skeem Saam
  •     Skeem Sam (Mondays to Fridays from 14th July at 18h00); 
  •     Mfolozi Street (Mon, 14 July -20h30); 
  •     Sticks & Stones (Wed, 16 July -20h30); 
  •     Shreds & Dreams (Fri, 18 July -20h30); 
  •     Soul City 12 (Tues, 15 July -20h30);

Variety Shows

  •      Stumbo Stomp Pantsula (Tues, 15 July -18h00); 
  •     Take Me Out SA (Tues, 15 July -21h00), 
  •     1s AND 2s (Fri, 18 July -19h30)
  •     Nguni News:  will move to the 19h00 slot from Monday, 14th July

There will also be a new on-air look for the channel being flighted from today. Apparently we
can expect 3D imaging, better sound quality and new promo templates and new depth, in 
terms of shows being featured.

Here's the TV Snitch report on the changes we did three weeks ago about the changes on
The youth targeted channel is bringing a lot of changes in its schedule. Channel head, Sam Mpherwane told the guests that SABC 1 is currently in the process of solidifying their lead as the channel with the most ratings. "It's hard to get to the top, but it's even more difficult to stay there," he said. "SABC 1 has constantly proven that it's a ratings powerhouse and we need the content, the right content, to make sure that doesn't change." One way of doing that, is for the channel to focus on commissioning more local content. Mpherwane revealed that they have been planning a soapie in the 6.30pm slot for a while and they've finally settled on making the popular Skeem Sam into a soapie. This is not a good move. The show is great as a drama, not as a soapie. "We are going to keep the principles that made the show such a success, ratings and critically wise," he said. "It will still have elements of location that our viewers loved so much." Other major changes: the news moves from 7.30pm to 7pm. 7.30pm will now be a sitcom/variety slot. The 8.30pm slot will be the dedicated drama slot and the channel has five new dramas. 

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