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The #Emmy2014 Snub List, as brought to you by the @TelevisionAcad

Good enough for Emmy Magazine, but not an actual nomination. Weird, no? 
So we had a mini tantrum when the 66th Emmy Nominations were announced and Orphan Black's Tatiana Maslany wasn't nominated for Best Actress. Not only is this a crime against great TV, but it shows that the TV Academy is prejudiced against anything sci-fi related, no matter how strong the story is. So the Emmy's don't like 'quirky' shows, with a cult following? Even if the performance is one of the best in the industry right now? 

Tatiana, who has played TWELVE different people, who just happen to look alike. They are clones. Yet she plays them all so differently, it's crazy. Even the voices, the accents, the little mannerisms change with every single character. 

The show is finally coming to South Africa on the Lifetime channel, which launches on 22 July 2014. It's a definite must watch. The way she just portrays each clone so excellently, so much so you don't even feel like its the same person, until you realise it actually is. From Sarah, Helena, Alison, Rachel, Cosima, Tony, Beth (deceased), Katja (deceased), Janika  (deceased), Aryanna (deceased), Danielle (deceased), Jennifer (deceased) 

But Tatiana is not the only person who got snubbed. The list is a very long one. 

The Snub List

The Americans: FX's hit drama was left out in the cold, thanks mostly to HBO choosing to rather enter the Emmy's for contention in the Drama category, rather than the Mini-Series/Movie. This cost the show and its stars, Matthew Rhys and Keri Russell, nominations. Homeland's third season was a sham, so we would have rather had The Americans in its place, rather than Showtime's confused show. 

The Fixer (Scandal)'s Bellamy Young:  She arguably gave one of the strongest supporting role performances as Mellie Grant and as much as Kerry Washington was strong this season, Bellamy was the true star of Scandal. 

The Good Wife: For a broadcast TV show, The Good Wife keeps getting better, especially this past season, which can still be seen on M-Net. While we are happy that Julianna Margulies, Christine Baranski and Josh Charles made the cut for their performances, the season was a strong one, even though there was a dip when Josh Charles left the show. But then it has 22 episodes, unlike the cable dramas, which can be as edgy as possible, without alienating viewers, a luxury The Good Wife doesn't have. 

The Blacklist or rather, James Spader: Yes. Broadcast dramas are not that great. Yes, cable is where its at. But James Spader deserved an Emmy nomination for Best Actor for his excellent work on NBC's'hit drama, The Blacklist. Who would have thought that the peacock channel would produce such an excellent drama, and yet it got snubbed. I can understand why it didn't get Best Drama, but Spader deserved a Best Actor nomination, even though it's likely between Matthew McConaughey, Bryan Cranston and maybe Jon Hamm. (the former two will duke it out).  He made The Blacklist watchable, especially since it was such a flamboyant, but also very hardcore, cable-esque character. 

Parks & Recreation: Parks has seen the best of its years, but it's still great, funny and the cast has the best chemistry on TV. For a comedy on a broadcast network, that is. We are happy for Amy and we wish she would win it this time, but with Julia in it... How about a nomination for Audrey Plaza? Perfect, understated performance and the writers know what to do with her. 

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Mike Schur's other show, was snubbed in Best Comedy and Best Actor in a comedy. Travesty! The show won a Globe for Best Comedy earlier this year, and while its not everything (after all, Globes are all about celebrity guests), surely the show was the freshman comedy of the year? Great to see that Andre Braugher was nominated, but poor Andy Samberg. 

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