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The View: Who should replace Sherri and Jenny

With the news that Sherri Shepard and Jenny McCarthy have left ABC's The View, the search for the next panelists, is on. 

With Whoopi Goldberg the only remaining panelist of this past season, after Barbara Walters retired in May and Sherri and Jenny leaving the show, it's interesting what's going to happen to the show. 

With CBS' The Talk getting more ratings, The View has lost its edge. But many folks tune in because it's The View and has been on air for many years. We prefer The View over The Talk. The latter is a blatant copy of the former and sadly, Julie Chen and her team are just mostly really random (looking at you Sheryl and Sharon). Sara Gilbert is the only good thing about The Talk. 

So who will be joining Whoopi on The View? Well names being thrown around include Mario Cantone, Rosie O'Donell, Katie Couric and even Elisabeth Hasselbeck. 

We don't think Mario will be a good fit to the show. He's fine as a featured guest co-host. We don't think that many View viewers would enjoy his OTT manner of talking and expressions, every day. The glory days of The View was when there were people who had opposing views. Rosie and Elisabeth disagree on everything. It got so heated, that personal digs were the order of the day. Yet it was great daytime TV. 

When Joy Behar and Elisabeth left The View last season, and Jenny joined, it was one big mess. Jenny is a polarizing character and it's no surprise that no one was checking for her on the show. 

So what to do? 

Why not bring back Rosie O'Donell? She's feisty  has a lot to say about everything and she's an experienced. It's not like she's doing anything right now, anyway. 

Joan Rivers. She loves the show. She was on HuffPostLive yesterday and she made comments about the show and how she's not happy with what's happening on it. So why not get the controversial, yet loved, Joan Rivers? She can always still do E!'s Fashion Police- there REALLY is no conflict of interest there. I'd love to see what she would say on the show. It would be interesting. Joan probably wouldn't, but then we can imagine that Joan, Whoopie and Rosie on one show would be one crazy fest. They are all super dominant and have strong views. But we can only dream. 

Patricia Heaton. She's a Republican and is very much Pro-Life, which is a biggie in the US. The actress, who has a show, The Middle, also on ABC- would be a breathe of fresh air. The US is a democracy and all views should be respected, no matter how different or anti-them you are. 
Melissa Harris-Perry
And what about Melissa Harris-Perry? She's outspoken too. Her show on MSNBC is quite good, but few people appreciate her. Plus she's big on diversity, which is always going to be a big issue in the US. 

So we just have to wait and see what happens. But the revamp on The View is really needed and soon. 

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