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IT'S Back!!!! @Club808 returns on @etvsa tonight! #Club808returns


It's been rumoured for months that e.tv's music show, Club808, which e.tv nearly destroyed by having it on it's OpenView HD channel,. If we weren't fans of the show, we'd have forgotten about it. 

We wrote about why it was an unfortunate decision ( Dear e.tv. You messed up) back in April and we weren't kind about it. 
Moving the show to Saturday at 6.30pm, where most people are already out and there's strong competition from SABC 1's Friends Like These, was a massive mistake. While I appreciate the fact that Scandal! needed to be a daily show, surely e.tv could have (and should have) moved the show to either 8pm or 8.30pm. Hell, even putting it at 9pm so it will compete with SABC 1's less popular (ratings wise), but somehow still influential music show, Live AMP! By moving it to Saturday, they lost more than a million viewers and that's why the show is now termed as 'under-performing.'

What's worse now is that they are moving the show from e.tv to eKasi+. Another misguided decision. Yes, we appreciate that the channel is trying to get people to subscribe to it's OpenView HD channels, but it makes NO sense to bury the show on a channel not watched by many people, because they want more people to subscribe to it. Well it's a stupid decision.
So it took them three months to make the decision that Club808, which is now co-presented by Mo Flava and Nonhle Thema, needed to return to free-to-air TV. 

We are looking forward to it. Nonhle is an excellent presenter and it's great to see her back on our screens. We are excited that it's back and we will be tuning in tonight at 8pm, on e.tv!!! 

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