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Strictly Come Dancing (@StrictlySA) Season 7 Episode 2: A review #StrcitlySA @SABC3

So the second episode of the seventh season of SABC 3's Strictly Come Dancing, saw all the claws (and adrenaline) come out. The contestants were fully in competition mode and it's great to see! While most are still not at the Zakeeya vs. Lalla level of last season, Khanyi Mbau and Boity Thulo are slowly getting there. 

Now let's get down (no pun) to business

The Hosts

Improvements ALL ROUND! Welcome, Roxy! Good to have you with us! Oh and the wardrobe is doing great! The tailored suit and beautiful gowns! Wins all round!

The Leader

Khanyi Mbau- Rumba

She is a star. There is no denying that Khanyi is going into this, hard. She wants to win. This is all about her being taken seriously. For Khanyi, Strictly is like going on Oprah and confessing all your sins. She's going to need her fans to vote for her, so she gives them a reason to. Absolutely stunning dancing and she deserves the two 8's she got from Sam and Michael. Now, the Rumba is a very sensual dance. Khanyi has a great partner in Quintus. He lets her shine and shine she does. Definitely looking forward for more from Khanyi.

Must Watch

Boity- Quickstep

Besides the unfortunate fall, Boity was actually good. The only thing that's bad is that atrocious weave she has on. WHY???? Leave the lace front weave to old ladies. Boity has always looked great in her short hair and we pray her hair is short again tonight, because chile... Anyway. There's something different about Ryan Hammond. It's like he's become a better dancer than he was five years ago. I remember when he was paired up with Lieschen Botes and they basically tanked every week. It was sad. But with Boity, he's got it going again. While they are still not at Zakeeya levels, it's only the second week. They will find their rhythm. 

John- Rumba

John Mametsa made all the ladies weak, when he picked up Nombulelo last week during their Rumba. It was so hot, so sensual, so RUMBA! What a come back by John. It's a pity he's not taking part tonight because the Strictly curse has affected him this time- his mother, sadly, passed away this week. Let's hope it doesn't affect his rhythm and when he returns next week, he can be fully focused on his dancing. We don't see him going home anytime soon. The ladies love him and he's slowly improving. 

LeAnne- Salsa

LeAnne Dlamini is generally a chilled person. Very un-celebrity. She's slowly opening up on the dance floor. While her Salsa wasn't as great as it could have been, she's got the potential to be a major player on the show. Plus she's amazing to watch. A proper superstar. 

Leandie- Quickstep

We like Leandie. She's interesting. We like Brendan. He should have won long time ago. Now put the two of them together, it should be magic. It's not there yet, but their quickstep showed massive signs of improvement and when the find their footing, they should be definite leaders of the pack. After Khanyi and Boity though. 

Could Do Better

Siv- Quickstep

We want to like Siv. We really do. He's a cool guy, but man, there's this part of us that just doesn't warm up to him on the dance-floor. His quickstep, while enjoyable in some parts, was rather disappointing. The thing with Siv is, he can dance. But somehow he still hasn't found his rhythm and his footing and it shows. The quickstep is difficult and the footwork is so important. But he can and should do better this week. 

Ashish- Quickstep

Lindsey Muckle has rather not upped the ante this season. Or maybe it's the over reliance on themes? or making Ashish into some sex god? Their quickstep was just flat. We really want them to do better. Make the show even more interesting and not let Khanyi lead the pack all the way. Can there be blood on the dance floor? Please? 

Donovan- Quickstep

We always expect more from former winners and right now, Mary and Donovan are not delivering the goods, like we expect them to. It's still early days, but you know, it's not so grand when it's a big funny joke to Donovan. So Don, stop with the memes and focus on your dancing. Mary is an excellent dancer. We hate seeing her get 4's. 

Most Improved

Jonathan- Quickstep

What a comeback from Jonathan! From a terrible first week, to an impressive second week, it's great to report that Jonathan Boynton-Lee, has finally joined the crew of Strictly Come Dancing. The thing is, Jonathan is under pressure to deliver- he's a Top Billing presenter, good looking, has a champion partner and did we say good looking? They make an amazing dance couple and we don't want to see them leave anytime soon! We hope, though, that the focus will mainly be on the dancing and not so much on the themes.


Janine- Salsa

It really tried to be amazing, but nahhh. Sorry Janine. There were times where we cringed while watching and that's never a good thing. Janine and Tsholo had started so well, but they unravelled the second week. Maybe Janine wasn't comfortable enough, which is sad. It's bye to Tsholo, until next season. 

Tune in tonight on SABC 3 at 8pm and tomorrow night at 7pm for the results show. 

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