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Strictly Come Dancing (@StrictlySA) Season 7 Episode 4: A review #StrcitlySA @SABC3

What an episode. It's crazy how Strictly Come Dancing is so unpredictable! 

Firstly, how awesome was Tebogo's dance piece? She's such an excellent dancer. She still has it and I doubt she'll ever lose it. I mean, how DOES one lose their dance skills? It was a great way to start the show. 

Now, this episode left me a bit angry at South Africa. How dare South Africa not vote enough for Khanyi Mbau? Surely her impressive dance skills warrant her to stay on in the competition? Granted, her dancing wasn't her usual best, but come on. Give the girl the benefit of the doubt!

Anyway, the hero of the night was a certain Mr. John Mametsa. But more on that after the jump.

The Leader- John Mametsa

My word. What a come back. What. A. Come. Back! Watching that Hustle by John and Nombulelo was amazing. John is steadily proving to be the one to beat, after Khanyi of course. Nombulelo absolutely trusts John with her life. Those moves and acrobatics were just... wow! How awesome that a rugby player has taken to ballroom and Latin dancing and his holding his own against all the other entertainers? Great going John! Plus Samantha giving him a 9 and a standing ovation, was well deserved. 

One's To Watch

Khanyi Mbau

It's crazy that Khanyi Mbau was in the dance off. There are just no words left to say except that she showed South Africa just how great of an entertainer she is. Granted, this wasn't her best dance, but compared to other people, it really wasn't bad. 

LeAnne Dlamini

This lady is slowly shaping up to be one of the best dancers on the show. Her Foxtrot was really good. I even like her now. She showed loads of personality on the show last week. Love what Johannes is doing with her.  If she doesn't make the semi-finals, there is something wrong with this show. 


Jonathan Boytnon Lee

Jonathan is a good ballroom dancer. Give him ballroom and he will charm the socks off you! His foxtrot was an improvement from episode 3's performance. I said it last time- I wish Jonathan could just do ballroom and only ballroom. He's such a cool guy, very friendly and is paired with such an excellent dancer in Hayley, that it just seems very sad that he sucks in the Latin. But then, you never know. He could surprise us all, especially since he'll be taking off his shirt in tonight's episode. I'm sure he's going to stay longer than necessary. 

Siv Ngesi

Cape Town loves Sin Ngesi. And I don't blame them. While I am not a fan, he's improving every week. He and Marcella have something special and their Viennese Waltz wasn't bad at all. He's better in the Latin though. Let's hope I finally warm up to him and Marcella. 

Leandie du Randt

Wow. You know, Brandon somehow lost it this week. The choreography was just really bland and they are making it obvious that they are appealing for the Afrikaans vote. This is not necessary. They are both doing great and have fans of all races. What they need to do is to step up and do what have been doing since episode 1: impressing on the dance floor! That Hustle was a damn shame! 


Ashish Gangerpersad

You know, Ashish is just one incredible case of "I Can't Dance No Matter How Much I Try". It's so bad, that he looks really bad, even dancing something as magical as the Viennese Waltz. It's simple with the VW. You just need to keep to the technique, fix your posture, make sure your footwork is on point and you're done. But somehow Ashish managed to mess it up. Oi! But then his fans love him. But seriously? How long is he going to be carried? We are now in the fifth week. It's time that he starts taking this seriously and impressing on the dance floor and not depend on viewer votes to save him. 


Donovan Goliath 

Not really surprised. What's more surprising is that he lasted so long on the show, especially since he's not really famous. The dance off against Khanyi was, well, like taking candy from a baby. But he and Mary were actually getting better. So it's sad that they left as they clearly didn't deserve to be in the bottom two. But then, fans are needed for people to vote, which is why Rapid Blue and SABC 3 need to make sure that the celebrities they are choosing, are actual celebrities with a fan base that would spend their last R1,50 to vote for their fave! 

Tune in tonight for the fifth week and let's see who will be on top. Will it be Khanyi or John? 

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