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Strictly Come Dancing (@StrictlySA) Season 7 Episode 3: A review #StrcitlySA @SABC3

Ahh. This episode was one that really disappointed us, mainly because the viewers didn't vote. One of the best couples was eliminated and it's because people didn't vote. And that's the sucky part about Strictly Come Dancing- the people with the bigger fan base, are always voted through, even though they are terrible. 

And that's true. Ashish and Jonathan are just really not good. Add Siv (even though he redeemed himself in the dance off) and Donovan, they are the weakest contestants on the show. That Boity Thulo and Ryan Hammond were eliminated last week, instead of Jonathan or Ashish, is a travesty of justice. 

Anyway, it happened. Here's a review of the contestants. 

Khanyi and Quintus 25 1
Leandie and Brandon 22 2
LeAnne and Johannes 21 3
Boity and Ryan 20 4
Siv and Marcella 19 5
Donavan and Mary 18 6
Jonathan and Hailey 16        7
                  Ashish and Lindsay    15    8

The Leader

Khanyi Mbau.

Is there anything left to say than to just appreciate the wonderful talent that is Khanyi Mbau? She got the first 9 of the season and is honestly running away with the title. It's hers to lose. And with Boity now gone, she has to watch out for Leandie du Randt and even LeAnne. Her quickstep was amazing and Quintus is doing what he did with Candice Moodley in season 3- excel! Shes a pleasure to watch! 

Ones to Watch

Leandie du Randt

If there is anyone who can give Khanyi a run for her money, it's Leandie. She and Brandon are an excellent couple and he's doing great work with her. They are interesting, hot and are competent dancers. They are getting better as the weeks go by and we cannot wait for them to peak. 

LeAnne Dlamini

We are still not sold on LeAnne. Maybe it's because she has no personality, but then she gave a great performance with her rumba. Just enough amounts of sass. Not even sexy sensuality though. But compared to the others, she is definitely one who should go further and even be on the semi-finals. She just needs to be outrageous for a bit. We need personality. Please LeAnne. 


Siv is improving, but why must you be saved for you to give your best performance? And that mouth and your OTT antics (that LEG) are just irritating. Uyaphapha. And it's naaring. 

Donovan is disappointing because he can dance so well alone, but the minute he and Mary have to be together, something happens. It's like he clams up and forgets his steps. The minute he doesn't have Mary in his arms, he gives a championship performance. He has loads of rhythm, so it's disappointing that he keeps coasting. 

Jonathan has NO rhythm. He's a ballroom dancer and that's it. He should hope that he gets more ballroom dances instead of Latin because he just doesn't look like he's doing justice to Hayley's choreography. That Barbie and Ken routine was so painful to watch. Shem. 

Ashish and Lindsey are so disappointing though. Seriously. Their rumba left so much to be desired. Besides not ever being able to see Jasmine and Aladdin as sexy or sensual (they are Disney fairytale fodder), their actual dancing and choreography is just so boring. Goodness. 


Shame. Poor Boity. That waltz wasn't the best, but she was better than all the guys. It's clear that all the girls are in this to win it and the guys aren't. It's truly sad she's gone, but that's the nature of the show. 

John Mamesta is back tonight and we look forward to him bringing ALL of the dance goodness we now expect after THAT rumba! 

Tune into the show tonight on SABC at 8pm and the results show, tomorrow night at 7pm. Please vote for the best dancers, those who go out their way to entertain us? 

Oh and Roxy Burger is doing a great job! And Katlego, well, the guy is a pro! 

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