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The Tireless Dervish That Was Robin Williams #RIPRobinWilliams

Slate has a wonderful tribute to Robin Williams that we can't help but want to share with you:
Robin Williams first became famous for playing the sweet-natured, na├»ve alien Mork on the Happy Days spin-off Mork & MindyLook up literally any episode of that show and within minutes you will see an impossibly young Robin Williams in his colored suspenders doing something impossibly Robin Williams-y. In almost every scene, there he is, uncorking one of his antic flights of energy and creativity, a torrential outpouring of physical comedy, sound effects, and words. (I love the possibly apocryphal rumor floating around Twitter right now that Mork & Mindy’s writers would leave pages blank but for “Mork does his thing.”) It’s no wonder producer Garry Marshall said of Williams’ audition—in which he stood on his head in a chair—that Williams was the only alien who tried out for the role. Where else could all of that energy come from but outer space?
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