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Does #MatrixAvatorz have what it takes to win @etvSA's @SAsGotTalent?

e.TV held their upfront last week Friday at Havana Grill at Suncoast Casino and Entertainment World and the highlight was seeing the guys from Matrix Avatorz dance for the media guests. A mix of zombie and hip hop dancing, the group, made up of three dancers from PMB, is KZN's best hope at this year's SA's Got Talent. 

We sat down and spoke to them, while they were having lunch. 

The thing about talent shows, is that everyone thinks they are more talented than the other. Sometimes it's true, but sometimes talent is nothing without hard work. We have seen this with amazingly talented singers, yet they are not big stars because they either aren't working hard enough or their management team is the worst. 

Anyway, talent is also very subjective and by that I mean- I want to be entertained. It's no point having this amazing talent but you don't move me on stage. I mean? Who has time for time? 

That's why I liked Matrix Avatorz- they moved me. They made me think. They made me appreciate their dance moves and the story they were telling. I'll admit that the dance style is not so entertaining, but rather a "how the hell did they just do that" kinder vibe. I want to watch them perform, because I am impressed at how they can do that to their bodies. 

Anyway, enough with the deep stuff. I missed the show this past Sunday, as I was interviewing Holly at a tavern in Clermont. But having scene the guys perform at the upfront last week, I gathered that they had made it through to the next round, hence e.tv inviting them to the 'party'. 

The group is made up of Wiseman Mhlongo, Siyabonga Ndlovu and Tumelo Mohlaoli. According to the guys, their name is a play on The Matrix and the movie Avator. "Both those movies tell of worlds in different dimensions and that's what we present with out dancing and also our costumes," said Wiseman, who is basically the spokesman for the group. "We are fascinated by zombies, genetic mutation and the underworld  and we think it's a cool thing to add to our dancing. It gives it an extra edge." 

Edge, yes. But the thing that is cool about these guys, is the story telling in their dance, that noted photographer, Val Adamson, was really keen on taking their pictures. "I loved your movements. You are guys are great and amazing to photograph," she told them. 

But at the end of the day, it's still hip hop. "That's how we started, as hip hop dancers. We may have added a storytelling element to the dancing, but at the core of the group, we are telling a story." 

They've learnt ballroom and contemporary dance to be able to do some of the more 'body bending' dance moves and they hope the judges will like what they have in store for them- if they make it to the semi-finals. 

"The judges comments were very fair. They had some great constructive criticism for us and we are working very hard to make sure that they see that we listened to them and their advice." 

Will they make it? I don't know, but let's hope they do. But they are going to need an entertainment element to their performance, lest viewers fall asleep.

Oh and check out the Sunday Tribune SMtv on Sunday, for a cool interview with new judge, Lalla Hirayama. 

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