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Meet the cast of HistorySA's #PawnStarsSA

The cast of History's Pawn Stars SA, was revealed by the channel this morning. The popular reality show, which follows the lives of a pawn shop owner and his assistant and the amazing merchandise they have in the shop, finally has a a South Africa version. 

Pawn Stars has more than five editions around the world and has also birthed various copycat shows: American Pickers, Auction Hunters, Auction Kings, Hardcore Pawn and Pawn Queens.

The local edition of the show was filmed in Johannesburg at the Cash Inn Pawn Shop, owned by Roy Peretz, and his partners, Etyan and Liel. Irene and Solly are the shop assistants.  

The show has a double episode premiere on 14 October on History (DStv 186) at 8.30pm.

Check the show's  trailer below and after the jump, meet the cast

Roy Peretz

Roy “the Boss” Peretz is the shrewd, smooth business owner of the Cash Inn. He talks-the-talk and is a slick negotiator who usually gets the price he wants. Roy studied to become a chemical engineer, and successfully ran his own chemical factory. Then the day arrived when he decided to leave all this behind him to start out in the pawn industry in 1999. Roy certainly enjoys the ‘finer’ things in life and, from Cartier to Rolex, there’s no fake that will escape his appreciative eye. Roy has a passion for living and as a member of the Riviera Aquatic Club regularly visits the Vaal River for water sports with his family. His love of the water extends to him being an active environmentalist. Roy very quickly puts people at ease, and underneath that smooth exterior beats a genuine heart and he really looks out for his team. 

Liel Rimon

Liel “the Right Hand” Rimon has been working with Roy for 14 years. He grew up in a Kibbutz, Israel but moved to SA to make it on his own and has put all those early life lessons to good practice in his adopted country. A South African by ‘nurture’, Liel loves all things South African and is a big fan of braais and the fanfare of sporting events. Liel is Roy’s protégé: there’s no other person Roy trusts more with his business than Liel. This die-hard Liverpool supporter hits the back of the net with every negotiation and deal, especially when it comes to his passion for cars and diamonds. Liel is very confident with his appraisal skills and always has a witty one-liner when dealing with the sellers who come into the Cash Inn. 

Eytan Nadler

Eytan “the-Gentle-Giant” Nadler confesses that he followed a girl to South African shores! Unfortunately, they are no longer together but remain good friends. Eytan is a cricket fanatic and a loyal supporter of The Proteas and The Highveld Lions. With a playful nature, Eytan is truly respected by the rest of the team and although he is the eldest, he is a pop-culture connoisseur, is science fiction mad and a strong believer in aliens! From stamps to comic books, Eytan is armed with an unerring eye for appraising a range of items. A true gentleman in his negotiating techniques, he usually brings customers round to his way of thinking.

Solly Mabasa

Solly “the Funny Man” Mabasa met Roy while registering cars and licenses for the pawnshop. Always bubbling over with a quip or two, he’s never shy to make the guys the butt of his jokes but it’s all in good spirit. New to the pawn industry, Solly is still learning the trade but his sense of humour always carries him through. Liel treats Solly like a brother, but Solly also has a special bond with his fellow gentle giant, Eytan.

Irene Bower

Irene “the flower” Bower was taken under Roy’s wing and introduced to the pawn industry in 2011. Jewellery and fine watches are her best friends and she can spot a fake a mile away. Irene’s efficient running of the day-to-day administration of the shop means that Roy really depends on her. When she’s not hard at work, Irene enjoys the serenity of being in nature and she’s happiest in the bush, at a game reserve. Irene is like the younger sister to the guys and, along with Eytan, she has an unshakable belief in aliens - the force is with her!

We are really looking forward to this show. A worldwide hit, it's one of those excellent shows that have real reality moments, not the made up faux reality stuff we are used to. 

Let's hope it doesn't disappoint. Also, it's great that there's a lady in the cast. It makes things interesting and less of a boy's club. But then again, she's there for the 'lady' elements- jewellery and watches. 

We are interested in seeing exactly what South Africans pawn, how much they get  for it and how much is it sold for. The world of pawn shops is normally seen as a murky one, so it will be great to see whether our shops can compare to the US and UK shops.

Tune in from Tuesday, 14 October on History at 8.30pm 

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