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New Show Alert: #TongueInCheek on @SABC3 Tuesdays at 8.30pm

Well now that word is out, we can't ignore it. 

Shashi Naidoo, Michael de Pinna, Boity Thulo, Anele Mdoda, Carolyn Steyn
In our TV Snitch column, which will be published on Sunday, we wrote about SABC 3's new late night panel TV talk show and how excited we are about it. 

Tongue in Cheek
Finally! For years I have been hoping, praying and finally urging SABC 3 to offer a local panel TV talk show! Finally, it’s happening. SABC 3 has commissioned Tongue In Cheek, a panel talk show in the vein of The View and The Talk, with radio personality and comedian, Anele Mdoda, actress Carolyn Steyn, model and socialite Shashi Naidoo and actor Michael de Pinna as panellists. Mdoda will be the moderator and the show starts on September 9 at 8.30pm.
The topics are said to be very risqué. I am so excited about this show and if done well, Tongue In Cheek could be the talk show South African TV has needed in its arsenal for years. 
So word is out and we always want to give you the most current TV news, so here is more information about the show, Tongue In Cheek, the panelists and what they will be talking about. 
The thirteen-part series will expose everything that’s hot on the tip of their tongues in a way South Africa has never seen. What do they have in common? Not much except their love for gossip and uncanny ability to talk.  
From which celebrities wore what and who’s dating who to latest trends in fashion, health, fitness, lifestyle, entertainment and anything else imaginable; the show is nothing short of a refreshing conversation in which each presenter gets to speak their mind.
Don’t be fooled, though – they may indulge in idle chatter but at the heart of their discussion exists a theme from which a number of honest and often hard-hitting points arise. With a focus on trending women’s topics, themes can range from weight loss and relationship issues to stress management and corporate gender discrimination. And while this may seem all-too serious for post-dinner television talk, you can bet your Ps and Qs that Anele, Carolyn, Shashi and Michael will each bring their own twist of quirkiness to the table.            
“It’s not all politically correct, either,” caution the presenters. “Nobody is safe. People of South Africa, VIPs and MPs – we’re watching your every move!”
What’s more is that the series will be shot before a live audience where each week celebrities and industry experts will join the debate, plus be subjected to heated interrogation where no questions are off limits, making it difficult to save face. Audience members too will be invited to voice their opinions, pose questions and engage in random challenges.     
As for the studio, expect a glamorously-lit, intimate lounge setting in which the presenters sit comfortably at a table surrounded by their laid-back audience – with a multi-camera rig to capture every moment.
What sets Tongue in Cheek apart from other talk shows on SA television? For starters, it’s hosted by some of the country’s most intriguing characters, each of whom come from completely different cultural, ethical and professional backgrounds. Moreover, there’s no end to the scope of their antics which are guaranteed to entertain, surprise and even shock unsuspecting viewers. Finally, the show is internationally appealing yet locally inspired, and truly representative of the Rainbow Nation.  

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