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We Welcome @VIMN_PR's @BET_Intl to @DStv South Africa. It's about time!

Finally. After years of trying to get Multichoice to bring BET back to SA screens, it's happening. 

We knew this was going to happen sometime this year, especially after the interview we had with Alex Okosi, head honcho at Viacom Africa. BET was available in SA, via StarSat, but not many people subscribe to the satellite service, compared to DStv. In our interview with Okosi, we had asked him if there were plans to bring the channel to South Africa. 
What’s next for Viacom International Media Network's Africa? Can we expect BET back on DStv?
We are looking into bringing in more VIMN brands. Comedy Central will be getting bigger as will Nickelodeon and BET. We are in talks with Multichoice to bring BET to DStv in South Africa. We currently only have it on StarSat and we need to be on DStv soon. We really want to localize and create content for Africans, by Africans to be consumed by Africans in the continent and abroad.  

BET launched today on DStv Family, Compact, Extra and Premium packages and is an entertainment channel for lovers of black culture, providing viewers with what’s hot, what’s next and what matters.  From talk shows, drama, reality, documentary, comedy to music, movies and more, BET is one of the most popular channels, worldwide. 

Some of the most popular programmes that local subscribers will now get on their screens will include The Wendy Williams Show, Being Mary Jane, Real Husbands of Hollywood,  106 & Park, Sunday Best, Comic View, The Real and Vindicated. 

But there's a problem with BET that we noticed on StarSAt, in that the African feed was directly from the UK/Europe feed, which then meant that all the good content was way past prime time and we have had to stay up longer so we can catch shows like The Wendy Williams Show, Being Mary Jane, etc. We asked Alex Okosi this in June and he promised that they are looking into it.

There are some programming ‘mistakes’ with BET. With the focus being on UK schedule, some shows like Being Mary Jane, The Wendy Williams Show and even 106 & Park, are not getting the mileage they deserve- any plans to change the times for BET Intl to suit the continent?
Yeah, there is. We are trying to localize most of our channels, so that our best shows are aired at a time that most of our viewers can access. It’s a problem that we are solving as we speak and soon we’ll have a schedule that suits the African audience and not just what show is being aired in the UK, which is mostly two hours behind. 
In August, DStv held it's bi-annual upfront, where they informed press of what to expect on the network this year. We asked Aletta Alberts if we can expect BET on the network soon. 
According to Aletta, there are a couple of channels that will soon be added onto the DStv bouquet. While she didn’t reveal which channels, she did mention that there are about 40. I asked if BET is one of the channels to be added, especially since the other African countries have it. She wouldn’t confirm nor deny, but said to wait until the end of August. In my June interview with Viacom Africa’s boss, Alex Okosi, he revealed that they were in talks with DStv to bring BET to the South African audience. So it wouldn’t be surprising if the popular channel is one of the new ones we can expect. 
So this is great news. We have been on the pulse of finding out when we will be getting BET on DStv and the time has come.  It's Channel 135! 

Check the next post to see the shows you can expect to enjoy on the channel. 

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