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Who will win @StrictlySA tonight on @SABC3?

The finalists: Jonathan, Leanne and Leandie... Who will it be???

After weeks of very dramatic TV, Strictly Come Dancing is ending tonight. And what a season it has been. 

The show has made more news about the shock eliminations and contestant and judge drama, then there has been good dancing. Compared to the past two seasons, this one has been sadly, rather left wanting in the quality of contestants and their dance skills. 

The drama about Ashish Gangerpersad overstaying his welcome on the show, thanks to overzealous fans, who refused to see how badly their idol was dancing; Ashish's dramatic antics about how he didn't like the way that Michael Wentik was critiquing him and also how he stayed on the show at the expense of better dancers, like Khanyi Mbau, Boity Thulo, Siv Ngesi and John Mametsa. 

But the drama HAS been good for the show, because it has provided a great talking point for everyone interested or not so much interested, in the show. Now tonight, the final three contestants, Jonathan, Leanne and Leandie will vie for the glitter ball. Who will it be? 

Jonathan Boyton-Lee and Hayley Bennet-Vreyden

Hayley has won the show before, while dancing with HHP in season 3. Does she have a chance to win the competition? YES! 
Jonathan is very popular with the ladies (how many times has that torso worked to his advantage?) and he actually has a great personality. Plus, he's the only remaining guy, is on Top Billing and has readily improved on his dancing. He was frequently on our bottom list, so if he wins, not only will it be a case of: "The Popular Guy won the Popularity Show" but also all about how he has improved as a dancer. 

Leanne Dlamini and Johannes Radebe

Johannes is a newbie on the show and Leanne is a not so famous face. How they lasted this long, is wonder. Yes, she dances really well, but who knew she even had a fan base? 
That aside, Leanne should be the one who lifts the glitter ball tonight. Not only has she been consistent, but she has done some very amazing dances. While her personality was very muted when the show started, it changed in week 4 when she sang just before her dance and she finally became a star on the dance floor. It would be great to see the not so famous, but talented celebrity win, but hey, it's all about the votes.

Leandie du Randt and Brandon Eilers Le Riche

Brandon should have won the show in the second season. He danced with Tamara Dey and my word, they were so excellent. Their cha cha cha to Justin Timberlake's Sexy Back, is still one of my favourite dance moments in the history of Strictly Come Dancing. 
For that, he deserves to win, especially since he tried to recreate that magic with Leandie, also a not so well known face in the entertainment industry, unless you watch kykNet. 
They, like Leanne, have been consistent on the show and they got the first full house fromt he judges last week. Brandon is an amazing dancer and he has shaped Leandie to be a whizz on the dance floor- fearless, beautiful, bold and yet still graceful. Their song choices were always inspired and at the end of the day, they entertained me better than the previous two.

So who shall it be? I think Leandie! 

Catch the Strictly Come Dancing finale tonight on SABC 3 at 8pm. 

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