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Exclusive Interview with @JonnyDrubel of #RKOBH tonight on @Eonline on @DStv

The Life of a Rich Kid of Beverly Hills

The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills returns to our screens tonight. Buhle Mbonambi chatted to cast member, budding musician and rich kid, Jonny Drubel

Jonny Drubel (Pic: E! Entertainment)
I am jealous of the lives Jonny Drubel and his friends live – that fast, party lifestyle that only the rich and famous get to experience in LA. It’s enough to make you want to re-evaluate your life and wish you were famous. But then the drama they go through every episode is enough to last a lifetime. 

The reality show is based on the popular Rich Kids of Instagram Tumblr site, where some of the richest youngsters in the world regularly share pictures of their exploits with the world. 
From private jets to Ibiza, to partying in a jacuzzi filled with French champagne, these kids are living the most extravagant lives, so when E! Entertainment commissioned the show late last year it was no surprise that it was a hit with the young audience.
I chatted to Jonny about the show’s second season, the Kardashians, his music career and his travels to South Africa. 

Many of us think of you as very loud and OTT. But you actually describe yourself as shy. So are you really shy, or is it just an act?
I am SO shy at first. Once I get to know you, and you get to know me, I am very open and yes OTT. But, I need to be comfortable first!
My cousin is a huge fan of the show and she says it reminds her of Gossip Girl, but this time it's real. Do you think that's the case?
I’d have to agree with her but we aren’t as twisted.  I was a huge fan of GG but they did some crazy stuff that I don’t think would ever do because it is our reality and we all genuinely care about each other. BUT I do LOVE the reference. 
How real is the 'reality' aspect of the show?
100% real. I get this question all the time.  The cameras follow our actual lives and no one interferes. You see the good, the bad and the ugly. 
The Kardashians currently hold the reality TV crown, but is Rich Kids of Beverly Hills going to be the new IT reality show?
The Kardashians will go down in history as THE reality TV family. I am hoping RichKids makes as big of an impact.  I LOVE THEM.  

The cast of E! Entertainment's Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (Picture: E! Entertainment)
Before you were on Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, what did you think of reality shows?
I am a massive fan of reality TV.  I love watching it because it’s an escape and sometimes, very relatable.  You get to go inside someone’s world, a world you wouldn’t necessarily get to see.
And your music career? How is that going?
It’s going well! I have some great things in the works. I love writing and do it all the time. I’ve realized that as long as I am creative, I am happy.
Who would you like to work with in the studio?
I like working with every kind of artist but I know who I would write a good song for and that would be Riri, Arianna Grande or any of the big divas. I know what they want to say and know what their fans want to hear.  
I gather your blog is very popular and that's because you are very candid about the goings on in your life etc. Are you pretty comfortable in sharing how you feel about certain things with the world?
I am a pretty open person.  I have come to realize that there is not much to be embarrassed about.  My past experiences are my experiences and they are not something I shouldn’t share because I know others are going through the same thing.  I love sharing and having people write in saying that they relate. It makes my day.
Johnny and EJ Johnson (Pic: Jonny Drubel)
How are you dealing with being a recognisable face? Has anything changed and are people treating you differently?
I don’t think I am being treated any differently.  I get stopped for pictures every now and then but not much else has changed. I like meeting fans, it makes me happy.
Since you're a travel enthusiast, how often do you travel outside of the US and where was the furthest place you've ever been to?
I am fortunate enough to leave the US a couple of times a year.  I LOVE to travel. Experiencing different cultures and meeting different people is a true passion of mine. Plans for the future, I am hoping to go to Antarctica. I hear its incredible and it’s at the top of my list. I would also love to go to Brazil.  
 Your best travel experience?
My best travel experience would actually be to South Africa. I have been numerous times.  The people, the country and the overall experience will never be forgotten.  My family and I love it there.  Cape Town is one of my favorite cities. Table Mountain is gorgeous. I loved staying at the Cape Grace in the marina with views that took my breath away! I wish I had Instagram back then! I would have had incredible photos!
Your worst?
Honestly I can’t complain about any travel experience. I either have an incredible time or I learn a lot about what I don’t like. My family and I went to Belize for holiday and that was not my favorite. The weather was horrible and I almost died (but actually). I’d go back but do it differently.
Jonny on his travels (Pic: Source)
What do you know about SA, besides Nelson Mandela, the wild life and that Charlize Theron is from here? (Oh and don't Google it. :))
I am actually very interested in South African history.  I know that South Africa was one of the first (if not the first) to legalize same-sex marriage.  It was a massive step not only for the country but for civil rights around the world.  I also know that you guys have GREAT wine.  
What can we expect on#Rich Kids of Beverly HillsSeason Two?
Expect a journey. You got to know us season one. Season two is much more about how we got to where we are now and where we are going. It’s been a blast filming and I have actually learned so much about myself throughout the process.  Oh and expect A LOT OF DRAMA….#DramaInThe90210

This article first appeared in the Sunday Tribune SMtv Guide on Sunday, 05 October 2014 

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