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@SAsGotTalent- Meet the Top 18

The business end of e.tv's SA's Got Talent starts on Sunday and it couldn't have come sooner. The sad thing about reality shows, is just how many non-talented people there are. It's heartbreaking. The talent is few and far between and that we have to wade in the murky waters of the untalented people who love to make fools of themselves on national television, is irritating. 

Anyway, that's just me. 

e.tv revealed the Top 18 contestants who will now go to the semi-finals of the SA's Got Talent. Starting Sunday, the semi-finals will see the six best acts go head to head. The best two from each night will then make it to the finals, where the act with the most viewer votes, wins. 

Now, it's not always the talented people who win, but SA's Got Talent has been lucky that the really talented individuals, end up being the winners. 

Enough of my thoughts on the show- here's the Top 18

SA's Got Talent 2014 Top 18

Name: The Young Wheezy Boys 

Province: Western Cape
Act: Urban dance

Since they were children, they realised they had a passion for dance. The Young Wheezy Boys have now been pursuing dance professionally for five years. They plan to open a dance school for children one day. Their “motto in life is to always seek the opportunity to build a better future for our upcoming generation through my dancing. And that nothing in life is impossible.”

Name: Airforce 
Province: Free State
Act: A Cappella

Brendolene Williams, Kabelo Moletsane and Tumelo Mahloma make up Airforce. These students admitted that they had money to attend the SA’s Got Talent auditions but none to return home so winning the competition would help with their financial problems. They look up to a cappella band, The Soil. Airforce say “it’s not only about winning but about showing the whole wide world what we really have in us. We want to encourage other young people to be active and to show our parents our passion.”

Name: Tessa Hijner 
Province: Western Cape
Act: Vocalist

The high school student was born in Holland, Amsterdam. In 2010, she moved to Cape Town with her family to support her brother’s quest to seek a rehab centre in South Africa. The classically trained vocalist has been singing professionally for five years. She says she "entered SA’s Got Talent because I think I got what it takes; I work hard and most importantly I believe in myself, and love what I do. I wanted to show South Africa what this Dutch girl has!”

Name: Tholwana Mohale

Province: Northern Cape
Act: Singer

This grade 9 learner began playing the guitar in 2011 and hasn't looked back since. Her idol is BeyoncĂ© because she “has the complete package of a phenomenal performer and doesn't change who she is to please society.” This singer who won the best female category at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards of a local radio station says: “The title of the competition is SA's Got Talent, and I believe that I have the talent needed to win the competition, and that I can develop my talent even further through this competition.”
Name: Joe Fredericks 
Province: Gauteng
Act: Singer

This bookkeeper by day has been singing for 28 years. He says he “always wanted to be a part of SA’s Got Talent but the time was not right. I entered this year because I believe it’s one of the biggest platforms for an upcoming artist. Winning this competition will inspire many gifted children and grownups in the Eastern Cape where there are very rare opportunities.”
Name: Freeze Frame Crew 
Province: Gauteng
Act: Hip hop dance

This dance crew has been making a name for themselves since 2006. Comprised of Sibusiso Zwane, Brandon Grobler, Glen Makwala, Lesedi Mabena, Rorisang Malete and the only female in the crew, Jahara Naidoo, Freeze Frame Crew travelled from Johannesburg to Cape Town to audition for SA’s Got Talent. They have won a number of awards and performed in South African films and TV adverts.

Name: Lew Tasker
Province: Kwa-Zulu Natal
Act: Contact juggler

This Durbanite is good friends with previous SA’s Got Talent winner, Darren Rajbal. He’s been a contact juggler for 17 years and aspires to be like contact juggling forefather, Michael Motion.
Name: Arise
Province: Gauteng
Act: Dancers

Made up of boys and girls from the Donald and Daisy Edu-Care Centre in Kempton Park, Arise, was one of the first acts to get three yes's from the judges. The group has made it to the national leg of the South African Championship of Performing Arts and became the youngest group to be named the 'Best Dance Group' at a countrywide competition. The kids range from 6 years to 9 years old in age. Their dance teacher is the grandmother of the youngest member of the act.

Name: Jude Harpstar
Province: Gauteng
Act: Harpist

The 27-year-old musician was born Judith van der Wat. Her greatest ambition is to use music to spread the message that we are all one. She says she “entered SA’s Got Talent because I feel that I am someone that could change other people’s lives positively through my music and what I have learned in life. Being in the public eye gives one that much more weight to make changes in society, and I believe that I have what it takes to come out on top and win this SA’s Got Talent.”
Name: Choppa Boys 
Act: Gumboots Dance

This group of students has been dancing professionally for 5 years. They say they look up to Khabonina Qubheka as she has the best choreography in their eyes. “We entered SA’s Got Talent because we wanted to show people out there that there is more to gumboot dance,” they say, “we want to keep our talent moving forward.”
Name: Noelle Thea Jansen
Province: Eastern Cape
Act: Classical Crossover/Opera

This 17-year-old has had an interesting upbringing. Not only is she home-schooled, but unlike most kids her age, she’s taken a liking to opera. She aspires to be a professional singer and says she entered SA’s Got Talent to “gain recognition. To stand a chance to win the grand prize. To show the world that South Africa also has young, talented singers. I’m South Africa’s young singing sensation.  It will be a dream come true to win SA’s Got Talent.”
Name: Black Lace 
Province: Gauteng
Act: A Cappella

This group has been seriously performing together since February 2013. They look up to a cappella group, Pentatonix and they say they entered SA’s Got Talent in order to start living off their dreams. “We believe we should win this competition because we believe that we are the best at what we do, there is no other act that does what we do at the level and intensity we do it,” they confess, “it is our lifelong dream to achieve greatness and we not only do this for ourselves but to give back also to people.”
Name: New Creation and The Band 
Province: Gauteng
Act: Band
New Creation and The Band come from a church-driven background and it shows in their chosen sound. They have been performing together for two years and they entered SA’s Got Talent because “we believe that the nation needs to hear our fresh music, and we believe that it will touch lives. We will win because there will be no other act that will win the crowds like us – and also because we are awesome.”
Name: Honey 
Province: Gauteng
Act: Singers

Naami Lieberman, Sivan Patton and Sharon Wagner make up the trio known as Honey. They say “there are challenges we face balancing motherhood, our artistic pursuits and providing for our families.” But then plan to overcome those challenges through SA’s Got Talent. “We believe in the uniqueness and quality of our group and believe that SA's Got Talent could be a great platform for further success.”
Name: Franklin Fredericks
Province: Northern Cape
Act: Balancing Act

Franklin is the youngest of 14 siblings and was diagnosed with meningitis at the age of 8. This disease hampered his quest for education and at 13, he began honing his talent for balancing things. He says “I began to practice these circus acts on my own and saw that I could do it. Then as time passed I learned to do various other acts as well. Then I also began doing magic to broaden my expertise. “Franklin says if he wins SA’s Got Talent, “I believe that I will be an inspiration for other South Africans out there to for fill their passions in life.”
Name: Matrix Avators
Province: Kwa-Zulu Natal
Act: Dance

The Matrix Aviators is made up of Tumelo, Wiseman and Siya. They are a group of zombie dancers and their dance routines are inspired by programs such as Dragon Ball Z. The Matrix Avators say their greatest accomplishment so far is to appear on SA’s Got Talent. They would like to establish a world-renowned dance studio called the Matrix Avators Company one day.
Name: Phelani and Jacobus 
Province: Western Cape
Act: Circus performers

Also known as Cyr Wheel, Phelani Ndakroka and Jacobus Claasen met at an orphanage and they have been studying circus performance at the Zip Zap School. Phelani says in ten years’ time, he sees himself “as a professional circus performer and the king of the ring.” Jacobus says “I saw the act in the show Cirque De Soleil and decided that was what is wanted to do,” and thinks they will win SA’s Got Talent because “If you can think that I lived on the streets for a while and now I am on a stage doing what I love so I believe that I will be able to win this competition.”

Name: Zakiya Brown 
Province: Western Cape
Act: Singer

This photography and graphic design student from the College Of Cape Town has learned to overcome her fear of rejection on SA’s Got Talent. She’s been singing since she was 10-years-old and believes she should win because “all these years I was put down by people thinking that I am not good enough and that I don’t have what it takes to shine and to do what I love witch is singing. I always had lack of confidence  in myself so much to a point where I wasn’t sure if singing was the right thing for me to do, but when I fell down I always end up singing and that showed me that I’m never to old too young to stand up and  keep my head up high and to keep on pushing for what I want in life and for winning this competition would be a life changing experience for me, I will also be able to give my family a better life and further my studies as well.”

Details for the live semi-finals and finale 
•    Live Semi-final 1 – Sunday, 19 October at 6:05PM
•    Results show for Semi-final 1 – Monday, 20 October at 8:30PM
•    Live Semi-final 2 – Sunday, 26 October at 6:05PM
•    Results show for semi-final 2 – Monday, 27 October at 8:30PM
•    Live semi-final 3 – Sunday, 2 November at 6:05PM
•    Results show for semi-final 3 – Monday, 3 November at 8:30PM
•    Live Finale – Sunday, 9 November at 6:05PM

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