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This is Why @Official_MissSA @RoleneStrauss, will win Miss World 2014. Tune in on @SABC3 at 4pm

This is Why Miss South Africa 2014, Rolene Strauss, will win Miss World 2014

Buhle Mbonambi

Not since 1974 has a South African won Miss World. But that could change this afternoon when fourth year medicine student; Rolene Strauss vies for the crown in London.
Rolene is arguably the most popular Miss South Africa internationally, since Melinda Bam. One could even go on and state that she is the most popular since the 90s heyday of the Miss South Africa pageant when winners were almost always in the Top Five, as it was in 1991-1994 and 1997-1999.

A favourite of pageant bloggers, analysts and bookers, she is South Africa’s best chance of winning Miss World, in years. Plus she’s also the favourite for the Miss Universe contest, happening in January 2015, which is a rare position for any beauty queen to find herself in. As many pageant experts have stated, Rolene straddles the worlds of Miss World and Miss Universe perfectly- she’s strikingly beautiful, which ideal for Miss Universe; while she is also very intelligent and has a passion for charity, which is what Miss World is all about. While she faces stiff competition from some of the other favourites, India, England, Australia, and France,

We asked pageant expert and analyst, Andre Sleigh, owner of the Taipei based Eye for Beauty, for the reasons why Rolene Strauss should be crowned Miss World 2014.

Does Rolene Strauss stand a good chance of winning Miss World 2014?
Rolene is the best bet we've had in decades. She is (by far) the biggest favourite to win this year and she absolutely deserves it. Rolene is perfect for Miss World. She is exactly what the Miss World Organisation is looking for. Yes, she is gorgeous, tall, elegant, and exudes style, elegance, and sophisticated. However, even more important than that, she wants to work hard and make a difference. She has a strong social conscience and she is a perfect fit for Miss World's Beauty With A Purpose motto.

Why should she win the pageant?
I believe she should win because she is kind, caring, and compassionate. People describe her as selfless and absolutely pure. What you see is what you get with this girl. Win or lose, we will still hear a lot about her in the future.

What sets her apart from the other contestants that judges are looking for?
She just has this radiance that makes her stand out in a crowd. She exudes beauty, sincerity, kindness and that's before she even opens her mouth. Once you hear her speak, the deal is sealed. She is incredibly likeable.

Is Rolene one of the most popular Miss South Africa's in recent years?
We have many popular Miss South Africas and Rolene is definitely one of them. She has gained many fans during the year. Most of all, she embraces social media and people can see the amazing work she has been doing. I believe South Africans will remember her for years to come, especially if she wins Miss World.

SA's last Miss World was Anneline Kriel in 1974. Is it time for a South African Miss World?
It has been forty years since we last had a Miss World. It's time for South Africa to win the crown again. South Africa needs a positive role model. If Rolene wins, she'll inspire many young girls around the country. She is extremely committed to health and education and has been involved in worthy projects. She doesn't just smile and wave. Her Keeping Girls in School Project is also an amazing project which can change girls' lives.

Miss World will be screened on SABC 3 at 4pm 

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