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@Club808's new presenters- Boity Thulo and Cyprian Ndlovu

Ah, new blood. 

The thing about new blood is that we expect them to inject new LIFE into a show, especially one that has seen a lot of host changes in the past year and a half. e.tv's Club808, which is in it's fifth year (time sure does fly), has had several host changes. Mo Flava was the original host, alongside Dineo Ranaka. Dineo left and Mo was joined by Thando Thabethe. When Thando left, Mo was joined by the legendary controversial Nonhle Thema. 

Then Mo decided to leave and Nonhle followed soon after that, leaving e.tv with the task of filling in two spots for their prime time music show. And we think they have found the perfect pair in Boity Thulo and Cyprian Ndlovu. And this is why

1. They are Young: Every channel wants to attract young people, so who better than two, hot young entertainment fixtures?

2. They are Hungry: They are not famed for their presenting prowess. But by e.tv putting them in the deep end, they are forcing them to make sure that they work hard enough to attract and keep an audience. They are more or less at the same level, presenting skills wise, so it's going to be equal footing for everyone. 

3. They are Hot: Boity has for many a time topped the many Hot/Sexiest Lists in South Africa and Cyprian is a handsome fella too. That not only means that their fans are going to tune in, but being visually appealing is always one of the things people look for in a presenter. These two are hot, they know it and they will use it. There's no shame in that. 

4. They Want to Impress: They have to impress and as stated above, hunger for success is always a great motivator for someone to do well. They have nothing stopping them from impressing- they just need to up their game, be true to who they are and not try be someone else. 

The new Club808 airs next Friday, 6 March 2015, on e.tv at 6pm (new timeslot). 

Mo and Nonhle's last show is this Friday, 27 February 2015 on e.tv at 8pm 

*** Press Release***

Cyprian Ndlovu and Boity Thulo are the new presenters of Club 808

Every party scene needs a dash of something new, absolute and ultra-cool and this is why e.tv’s flagship music show, Club 808, is about  to get a revamp. Fresh, vibrant presenters Boity Thulo and Cyprian Ndlovu will help viewers kick off their weekend every Friday in the show’s new time slot at 6PM from March 6.

The show will also feature a new and refreshed studio set from April. Covering the music industry's biggest events in the land and interacting with the country's hottest celebrities is on the cards for the upcoming episodes.

For many years, Club 808 fans have been enthralled by the show's content that represents what is hip and happening in the world of entertainment.  The show is always looking at innovative ways to excite their viewers who are young and vibrant go-getters constantly on the pulse of current music and lifestyle trends. 

The energetic, vibrant pair Boity and Cyprian have a solid base in the local entertainment space.  Fiesty 24 year old Boity knows how to switch her party spirit on. She has worked as an actor and presenter on various top class productions.  Boity has found her new home at Club 808. The dynamic Cyprian, who was voted one of Cosmo’s sexy men for 2015, has also presented various shows and is a top musician. He is a 21 year old Durban native with a fresh face. He is thrilled at the prospect of joining this flagship show.

Nicholas Maphopha, executive producer for Club 808 expressed his enthusiasm at these changes. “Boity and Cyprian fit in so perfectly for the new direction that the show is taking. The club and music scene is never stagnant, and these changes are proof that Club 808 has to constantly be reinventing in order to remain fresh and relevant.” he enthused.

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