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All about @etv's new drama, #Umlilo- A MUST WATCH at 9pm tonight

Gcina Mkhize, Hamilton Dhlamini, Nokuthula Ledwaba and Nomzamo Mbatha, the cast of Umlilo
It's not often that we get really excited about a TV show, especially a local show, but when it happens man do we get super excited. e.tv and Quizzical Picture's Umlilo is that show. Having seen the screener, expect a show that will not only make you proud of the direction of local TV, but also the high production quality and storytelling. But more on that in the next post here. 

A story of revenge set against the backdrop of a polygamous family. 

The Main Cast
Hamilton Dhlamini: The award winning actor plays Mnqobi, the patriarch of an affluent Johannesburg family. In his 40s, Mnqobi is a successful, self-made businessman and global player on the brink of landing a lucrative business deal that would make him and his partner happy. He is a polygamist. 

Gcina Mkhize: Gcina plays Cebisile, the first wife. She is the love of his life and he trusts her more than life itself. The childhood sweetheart, they have been married for close to 20 years. Cebisile is a staunch traditionalist who misses her rural surroundings. Although not very happy as a matriarch of the family, she is the glue that keeps the family together.

Nokuthula Ledwaba: Nokuthula plays the feisty go-getter and Mnqobi's second wife, Dumile. A proper big city girl, she is very different from Cebisile. She was abused as a child and  grew into a funky party animal. She has a very loosely-based modern outlook to the marriage.

Nomzamo Mbatha: Nomzamo plays the flirty Khwezi, who owns a catering company and restaurant and is Mnqobi's girlfriend. She has no qualms about dating a married man and actually wants to be Mnqobi's wife. She was adopted by her uncle as a teenager. She is very private and nobody knows who she really is or where she comes from. She has become a master at deflecting or avoiding questions about her background. All of her ideas about womanhood have come from television and other media. 

Other cast members include Thato Molamu, Daniel Hadebe and Omuhle Gela.

The Producers
Bianca Isaac of Quizzical Pictures. 

Do yourself a favour and tune in. Trust us. It's THAT good. 

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