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e.tv's Umlilo started with a bang. I still remember getting the screener a week before the show aired and I just couldn't sit still. Here was television that I had always been dreaming of: high quality, edge of your set kind of goodness. And man, it was so good. The mystery surrounding Mnqobi and his wives, his new fiancĂ©'s underhanded dealings and mystery, the relationship between his daughter and his business partner, it has kept us on the edge of our seats and we are not complaining. 

At the start of the Quizzical Pictures produced drama, we were introduced to each character and the dynamics of ever so interesting set up of a polygamous home. Polygamy is such a touchy, yet very taboo topic in South Africa and the way that we are all so interested in it, but are afraid to ask the questions. How the producers and their team of researchers and writers wrote the story, is honestly the best in years- they gave us drama, without disrespecting their viewers. 

So now that the first season (yes, it got renewed) is ending tonight, this is what we want to know. 

Who Is Khwezi?
We have known all season long that Khwezi is not Khwezi. She's a 'Catfish' as coo kids these days call people with fake personas. We know nothing about her, except that she has some history with Mnqobi's family and she wants to avenge her parents and her family. We know she has an 'uncle' who is helping her with this. We know she would do anything to make sure that she brings down the family- but at what cost? Most importantly, WHO IS KHWEZI??? 

What Will Dumile Find Out?
The last episode, Spikiri found the real Khwezi Mbatha- an unassuming, village girl, but at the end of the episode, her mother denied her existence. Even though she knows that Spikiri has pictures, with proof that her daughter is the real Khwezi. So will Dumile and Spikiri manage to get the truth out of the real Khwezi and her mother? 

Will the wedding take place?
I think, besides finding the truth about Faux Khwezi, we all want to know whether the wedding goes on as planned. Will it? It should. It will set us up for some delicious drama for next season. 

Will Cebisile finally remember where she knows 'Khwezi' from?
I sure hope so. But at the end, when Mnqobi and Khwezi have said their 'I Do's'... That's if they will say their vows. Cebisile has been having flashbacks about that big fire... What actually happened? Will Cebisile finally remember? And will she finally realise who Khwezi is and how she fits into this whole story? 

Andile and TK?
Their story line has been rather bleh- either the writers are lax when it comes to these two, but their secondary story line has been just that- secondary. But let's hope things come to a head for them and Andile finally admits to her father that she has the feels for TK and who is he to judge, especially since he has a harem of women at home? 

Will Mnqobi and Khwezi's Uncle finally meet?
How awesome will it be if Khwezi is walked down the aisle by her scheming uncle? And then watching Mnqobi's face fall as he remembers him and then realises that his dear second wife, Dumile, has been right all this time? 

Who Is The Villain In The Story?
This has bothered me about the show. See, Umlilo reminds me of Revenge. Khwezi is Emily Thorne. Dumile is Victoria Grayson. Mnqobi is Conrad Grayson. Khwezi's uncle is Nolan Ross, as is Spikiri. 
So, if I take the Revenge story line and apply it to Umlilo, I think Khwezi is actually the innocent person out to avenge her family and whatever happened in the families' history. Will I be proven right? 

And finally, will there be a fire and will someone die?
Someone HAS to die. I mean, come on. There has to be some collateral damage, otherwise, what is the point of it all? Will it be a fire? Will someone be shot (FIRED at)? There's so much that the Umlilo team can end the show with on a high and leave us salivating for the second season. Speaking of the second season...

Umlilo returns for Season 2 on 10 August 2015. 
Yes, I can confirm that the show IS coming back in less than three months, which is amazing. We normally have to wait years for a second season and kudos to e.tv for making sure that they don't lose the audience they have gained from the show being aired. 

So, excited yet? We'll be tweeting, live on @SM_Magazine, @SMtv_Guide and I'll also be on my Twitter- @Buhlebonga, during the episode. 

I. Can't. Wait!!! 

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